LoveHoney launches 2 new large size underwear series

LingHoney, the lingerie retailer, has launched two new large-size collections, Rendezvous and Belle Amour, designed to enhance body inclusion and serve the confidence and curvaceous beauty of the region. Model Audrey Ritchie recently appeared in Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty lingerie collection and was named a spokesperson for the event. In the new series, Rich said, “They made me feel so strong and emotional. When I put it on, I immediately felt that I was the sexiest woman in the world.”

LoveHoney’s plus size reaches 24 yards. Prices for the two lines range from $44.95 to $64.99. Take a look at the few below.
LoveHoney also conducted a nationwide survey of physical confidence to learn more about the trend of lingerie buying in the United States. Women from all over the country, ranging in age from 18 to 65, participated in a survey to investigate the effects of personal physical and physical inclusiveness on marketing and social media as well as the underwear market.

The survey results show that LoveHoney found:

• Texas and Pennsylvania are the most confident regions in the United States, with Chicago being the least region
• The highest level of physical confidence among individuals between 50 and 60 years old
• 40% of respondents indicated that their level of confidence is higher than five years ago because their bodies continue to become more comfortable
• 43% of participants believe that seeing physical diversity in the marketing image will make them feel better
• 39% of participants believe that social media will affect their physical confidence – respondents under the age of 30 are almost twice as likely to be affected as victims
• 54% of participants feel physically confident in love and/or dating
• 49% of people attribute their partners to their confidence

The basics of new underwear that everyone should have

Do you know that there are five expert-approved methods to determine if your bra is “dead”? Based on this information, I can continue to say that most of my daily bras have died more than a year ago. If you are like me, then changing your underwear will slip to the bottom of the shopping list (but adding trendy pieces like “scrunchie” and “cage” underwear seems more important). This is backward, I know, this is why today I am going to end this habit and repeat the solid refreshing of the items I wear. Probably a nude T-shirt bra, Hanky ​​Panky thong and neutral strapless options have made your underwear drawer feel chilly, so today I highlight the basic elements of the new underwear.

I am not saying that we need to update these items every season, just like we are trending towards clothing, but using fresh staple foods to modify your basic choices, such as an updated version of the strapless bra and you will soon swear. Seamless underwear is gone. Read on to see the list and purchase the new underwear collection essentials.

Update strapless bra

Strapless bras are no longer limited to “boring” styles. You can now find the same features and stylish update designs. Since you probably already have a standard strapless bra style, I recommend adding a sweetheart style to your collection. The shape gives a fresh look, and many brands such as Fleur du Mal and Lively offer non-essential styles. Buy my favorite sweetheart tube top bra below.
I have tried this style recently and can guarantee it is very comfortable.
The detailed seamless cup is definitely more comfortable than the steel ring.
This is also a bandeau made of elastic material.
Scalloped lace brings a fresh look here.

Seamless thong

If you don’t have your own seamless thong, your world is about to be shocked. I swear that this style comes from the commando team. This piece is not only very comfortable (literally like you don’t wear anything), but it also ensures that you don’t have lines when you wear something that is close to your body. Commitment, you will never be exposed to the contours of your thong again.

Conservative MPs defend themselves on Twitter on sexy lingerie

Conservative MPs defend themselves on Twitter on sexy lingerie (photo)
Conservative British party member Elena Bunbury became a victim of the Internet troll in the BBC TV debate “Question Time” and posted a photo of a bikini in the face of death threats .

Banbury, who just celebrated her 21st birthday, was one of the youngest elected members of the House of Representatives and entered politics at the age of 19. Her hobbies include rock climbing, kayaking, surfing and video games. She noticed that her bikini photo was copied by the trolls in her private Instagram account and chose to first publish them “to control the narrative.”
Bamburi appeared on the BBC’s “Question Time” panel, telling the audience that “no transactions are not a bad thing” and there are other comments that support the Brexit. Then, West Yorkshire County Councilers began accepting death threats on her private Instagram account, calling her lesbians and “stupid sluts who should be laid down.”

“After the problem time, I think I haven’t said anything controversial,” she told the Sun, pointing out that she just used Google to search for “blonde”, “woman” and “Brex” – and found her Instagram account. Hate speech and the theft of two photos have been published by anonymous users.
Usually Bunbury takes pictures with loose pullovers and jeans, saying that this is her preferred “fashion dress code.”
Banbury said she was shocked by strong opposition and hate speech. She reported to the West Yorkshire police that one of the tweets was a death threat and blocked the sender. Since posting her photo, she has received nearly 3,000 favorite support messages from fans and added: “I thought I was independent, but people obviously felt that this extreme bullying was unacceptable.”

Banbury publicly talked about her sexual orientation and was different from the stereotypes of the British Conservative Party’s “old white male” members. She also has a Twitter post about the Tinder experience.

Anna Bella’s fine lingerie opened in Alpharetta

Alfaretta, Georgia, USA – Anna Bella Fine Lingerie is an lingerie boutique recently re-opened in the heart of Alpharetta by the prestigious Best of Intima Awards, the “Best Underwear Shop in the United States”. The boutique is owned locally by Pam McKinzie and is now located at 325 Market St.

One factor in the decision to relocate Annabella to downtown Alpharetta was the opportunity to become a member of the community.

“The city of Alpharetta is perfect for us,” McGinsey said. “We want to really connect with our customers because we strive to be a living resource for women of all ages and sizes. We also like to work with men looking for special things, but I don’t know where Annabella’s atmosphere is friendly, no threat, we Very happy to make suggestions.

“We also look forward to connecting with people outside our region during the event. Once we work with our clients, we can continue to maintain this relationship through our online store. This is especially important for bra accessories. We have a lot of our regular Delivered to customers outside the city. They can view the product online and know that we can just make a selection suggestion by calling.”
“Annabella is a one-of-a-kind store,” said Morris and researcher president Cherim Morris. “I am very happy that their award-winning shopping experience is part of the city centre.”

Australian blog Elly Hatfull reveals very expensive underwear habits

A Sydney blogger and social media person has talked about her $5,000 annual underwear habit.
Elly Hatfull, 27, has accumulated more than 41,000 fans on her Instagram accounts Lace and Haze, and also runs a lingerie blog with the same name.
In a recent interview with the Daily Mail, she revealed that her underwear addiction has begun to add up – and so far, she has spent about $5,000 on underwear.
But she told that although it was puzzling, she did not try to cut spending.
“I never track how much money I spend on underwear every year,” she said.
“I’m not sure if I spend more or less now, but I believe I am now buying better and more feature products.
“I want to buy less but buy it well. I invest in underwear in the same way that some people invest in designer bags.”
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• My ‘revenge’ for the thief’s neighbors
• Why do all Australians need ‘three attributes’
Ms. Hatfull said that her enthusiasm for lingerie has grown as she was unable to express her personal style in her daily work due to her restrictive workwear code.
As a result, she began to experiment with the appearance of different underwear – she was fascinated before she knew it.
“This is the feeling of wearing it, a secret of confidence,” she said.
But she said she was shocked by the reaction she received from women who were equally obsessed with underwear.
She said: “I don’t realize how much so many people are passionate about underwear.”
“Because it is usually hidden and seen as a taboo, Instagram was originally a safe place to share and interact with other fans, who often don’t share passion.”
Ms. Hatfull said she is “always still able to” work, her blog and Instagram “just a hobby.”
“I don’t spend too much time (Instagram). I use it on my way to work and during lunch breaks, and my blog is less than I want,” she said.
But she said she likes to inspire others.
“The main message I want to convey is that underwear is for your own enjoyment and is not sexual in nature,” she said.
“As far as I am concerned, this is a way of self-care, just like a massage or vacation to others.
“Underwear can be suitable for everyone, and half of the world’s population wears it, so let it normalize and remove it.”
Ms. Hatfull also told the Daily Mail that her collection has grown to more than 150 sets, and because of her “sentimental value,” she still retains works that she no longer fits.
Her preferred brands include Bordelle and Harlow & Fox’s “luxury”, while Silent Arrow and Palindrome are her more “easy-going” brands.
She is also a strong advocate of ethical shopping and a fan of Hara The Label, which uses plant dyes and bamboo to make products.
Ms. Hatfull is passionate about her enthusiasm because she cares about lingerie – a theme she emphasizes in her blog.
“As far as I am concerned, when I started wearing underwear, I became healthy. It made me feel good, like a self-care,” she told the Daily Mail.
“This will expose you to some stumbling blocks you might have, but it can also help you embrace what you have.
“I know that when I wear beautiful underwear, I am a better version myself. If you feel good inside, it will affect other aspects of your life.”
On her Lace and Haze blog, Ms. Hatfull described herself as a “Sydney lingerie addict, just passing on my experience in this strange world. I wear my underwear every day in a very fast-paced work environment. , so if I say it is very practical, I mean it!”

Before I started buying it, I hope I know 6 things about underwear.

Before I started buying it, I hope I know 6 things about underwear.
Underwear may be a strange, chaotic world filled with intimidating jargon and unique terms. I have been writing about underwear for the past 10 years (mainly as an underwear addict), but I still clearly remember how overwhelmed I was in the early days of my own underwear trip.

I don’t know the difference between a balcony bra and a glutinous rice cup, or why items like a corset have such a high price (or look like it), and even why it is better to wash my underwear instead of throwing it in the washing machine. Just when I thought I was thinking of something, I would learn something new (such as the difference between lace and embroidery!) and it feels like a newcomer to ignorance.

But underwear is also a beautiful, complex, and fascinating niche market, where the finest details are important, and the origins of learning clothing can be as exciting as wearing it. For example, did you know that the first batch of bra patents appeared in the 1880s? Or is the earliest bra more like a “traditional” bra we think today?

In the past ten years, I have mastered some facts and tidbits. Here are some things that I hope I know before I can learn them.

The consistency of underwear brands is very low.
This is absolutely frustrating. However, it is also the best solution for consumers. One of the most confusing parts of my early lingerie journey was trying to understand why I couldn’t achieve Victoria’s secretly popular push cleavage look. I tried so many push-up bras – using the “add cup size” bra, adding a cup, then two, then three – only after years of trial and error realized that this particular look is Not feasible for my breast shape.

Today, I have met a lot of comments from lingerie wearers who want to know why each bra brand can’t make all kinds of sizes and styles in exactly the same way. Although I understand this emotion (because it is time consuming to try a lot of bras), this standardization will hardly help anyone. Think about it. Our bodies (and our chests) come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Your breasts can be filled at the top, filled at the bottom, or filled around. They can be widely spaced or narrowly spaced. They can be drooping or teardrop shaped or massive. If every bra is cut in exactly the same way, most of us can’t find the perfect bra. Lack of consistency means that if a bra is not for you, you can still try another one.

How difficult it is to figure out your breast shape, especially if you are new to this concept, this is an area where visiting local lingerie boutiques may be helpful as they can help provide guidance on your shape (so which A bra style is perfect for you).

The scale expansion of the bra industry can take up to four to five years.
Years ago, I was wondering why the brand’s expanded size range seemed too slow. In this fast-fashion era, when the runway to retail transition can be completed in just one week, many people think that every fashion brand is like Zara or Fashion Nova. However, from design to fabric cutting to sewing, bras are an engineering feat that requires a high level of skill and precision. Taking a little lace, a wire and some hook-and-eye closures and turning them into something that can shape and support the chest for hours is almost miraculous. However, this design cannot happen overnight, and from the earliest planning stage to the retail stage, the new bra shape and size cost two years, and three or more years are not uncommon.
If you wear one of those hard-to-find sizes, then waiting for it is absolutely frustrating. However, when a brand says they are researching a new bra size and you haven’t seen it for years, that’s why. Before you point out the “already doing” company, keep in mind that some of them have been around for decades – which means you don’t know how long it took them to develop these new sizes. It’s also helpful to know that many brands use private labels (ie, buy already designed sizes and styles and add their own labels).

Model Alessandra Ambrosio shows off the body of black underwear for Lascana

Model Alessandra Ambrosio recently shared photos of her latest Lascana ads on Instagram. In the picture, Alessandra wears a matching underwear set, including a lace bra with matching thongs. When she put her right arm on her head, she showed her bodybuilding body. The title in the ad says: “Who decides what is sexy? I.” The model is happy to show this ad because she said in the title, “I am very happy to continue working with LASCANA#yourworldyourrules!

The fans of Ambrosio let her know that she is “completely perfect,” and another hopes that she can participate in the Victorian Secret Show held in New York this year. However, according to Harper’s Bazaar, the fan regrets to find that the model has been retired from the runway last year. In fact, this year’s VS show will be the first in 17 years without Ambrosio.
Today, Alessandra was discovered and wore a pair of short daisies and a metallic black jacket. The model wore some ankle boots and a pure white T-shirt. She went to pick up her daughter Anja and her son Noah. Her children wore bright red shirts to match each other.
Alexandra also posted a series of her own photos, shaking a chic outfit to show off her bodybuilding abdominal muscles. The title says: “Au Revoir Paris …” In the photo, she is wearing light-colored jeans, black spiked heel boots and white crops. However, the best part of this dress is a white, fuzzy black jacket. Ambrosio only wore a necklace and a pair of sunglasses because she pulled her hair back. One fan noticed that “the legend of walking”, as another simply said, “great”.
Alexandra also posted a series of her own photos, shaking a chic outfit to show off her bodybuilding abdominal muscles. The title says: “Au Revoir Paris …” In the photo, she is wearing light-colored jeans, black spiked heel boots and white crops. However, the best part of this dress is a white, fuzzy black jacket. Ambrosio only wore a necklace and a pair of sunglasses because she pulled her hair back. One fan noticed that “the legend of walking”, as another simply said, “great”.

Everviolet introduces a new line of lingerie and casual wear designed

specifically for women to recover from breast cancer.
San Francisco, California, October 5, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Everviolet, a collection of lingerie and homewear designed to develop changes in the body of women after breast cancer treatment, will be released to the public with cancer on October 5th. month. The collection offers a fit, aesthetic and comfort trio for this underserved and growing consumer.

Everviolet was founded by Keira Kotler, a nutrition expert and artist who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 40. After double mastectomy and reconstruction, she found that the lack of attractive and fit clothing was an obstacle to psychological disorders. Emotional healing. “In all the challenges I have to face in my breast cancer journey, wearing clothes is and still is one of the most difficult issues. Everviolet is my support for other women and helps them recover themselves after surgery and treatment. The mission of femininity,” Kotler said.

“We design for women who are returning to femininity. Discover the power of the warriors and provide a therapeutic journey for the patients. For those who are committed to health, and those who pursue beauty in times of change.”

Everviolet’s first collection includes bras, bras, panties and casual wear for a variety of treatment stages – postoperative, recovery and later. This is a brand defined by holistic health that uses natural, sustainable fabrics and is packaged in recyclable recycled materials. They are available on Some of the sales will be donated to innovative research and prevention organizations.