Chest is not suited,because you did not get good sports lingerie

Healthy life can not help the movement of nature, especially girls to strengthen the protection of the chest, girls do all kinds of sports need different strength of sports underwear to fix the chest, to avoid the movement caused by chest shaking while avoiding Have an impact on the movement. Another exercise, a lot of sweating, sports underwear played a very good sweat effect, to avoid a lot of sweating and cold.

Many girls think that sports do not need sports underwear protection, the usual underwear can, in fact, the usual underwear and can not fully protect the chest, it is easy to cause the chest tear, can not guarantee the comfort of exercise, prolonged vibration will cause Chest sagging, and sports underwear will be bound to the chest, conducive to perspiration at the same time also conducive to exercise, do not have a good body at the same time only to find the chest sagging, the impact is irreversible. How to choose their own sports underwear it?

Chest Size:
Chest little sister choose the vest of the sports underwear on it, and the bust of the more full sister suggested the selection of some high-intensity sports underwear. As far as possible to choose the size of fit, before the purchase must try, what exactly is the fit of sports underwear it? Wear on the body, to determine the chest was wrapped in all underwear, armpit no deputy milk, activities will not fall under the shoulder strap will not slide to the chest, is very fit underwear.

The United States and the back of the sports underwear, not only to help you in the movement more out of color, high-intensity pressure design, any movement can easily get, fashion at the same time more feminine temperament, arch design version, and conventional , Exudes a thick feminine, even in the movement is also no lack of fashion sense, can be described as athletic pull handsome brother correct.

No steel ring quick traces of sports underwear, high-intensity training and ultimately to join the sweat, with a sweat sweat sports underwear is very important, this sports underwear its perspiration and heat characteristics, have to say than cotton T-shirt more comfortable, it is not close to the feeling of the body, professional-level sports underwear designed to wear more comfortable, for the chest played a very good protective effect, breathable performance is also very good.
Strength enough

Not any sports underwear are suitable for high-intensity exercise, try to exercise time to see if you can support the chest, you can choose the lower and shoulder strap wider sports underwear, but be careful not too tight Tight sports underwear will cause oppression and discomfort to the chest. Some of the back of the cross underwear sports better stability, can effectively reduce the chest shaking.

And the specific needs of what strength of sports underwear need to choose according to exercise:

Highly vibrating sports such as basketball, gymnastics, running, soccer, volleyball, high impact aerobic dance is high vibration movement; walking, rowing, climbing stairs, tennis, pedal aerobics in the vibration movement; bicycles, bowling, golf, , Weight exercises are low vibration movement, corresponding to its exercise intensity to choose the right sports for your underwear.

Bra bite style

Seamless sports underwear is very comfortable, and stability is better, hit the color design is very trendy by women love, even if the wear is also a very good fashion single product, give you the comfort of sports, than the incense underwear But also comfortable, high-quality selection of fabrics, sports give you a cool feeling, I version of the design is more suitable for high-intensity sports.

Many people think that only ordinary underwear need to prevent deformation and other issues, and in fact sports underwear also need to pay attention to this problem, sports underwear in the same cleaning should pay attention to water temperature, and should not be so long soak, the best choice hand wash, Into the washing machine may cause deformation of the underwear, rinse after the dry underwear will dry up, please do not wring the underwear, you can choose to use a towel and other means to dry the excess water, dry underwear hem Take the inverted hanging, you can better protect it from deformation.

Fitness vest

If you think that wearing a single wear underwear some exposed, or even embarrassed girl may wish to choose a cross-dried vest, this sport vest allows you to dry in the same time can walk in the forefront of fashion, behind the English letter design more trendy, exposed Mei Mei’s back, quick-drying fabric is not easy to catch cold, so take a quick-drying vest is a good choice, both healthy and stylish.

Sports underwear on the girls are very important fitness partners, and strive to fitness at the same time do not forget to take care of your sports underwear, in short, the United States at the same time, equipment is also very important.

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