This lingerie creates comfort, comfort and sexy underwear for everyone

Although the West seems to have made progress in the field of active underwear, it mentions brands like Lonely and Land of Women – the basic industry in Russia is slowly evolving, in contrast to still focusing on the picky lace and rigid lines. However, a new label is looking to change the landscape of the top drawer. Irma’s silhouette is very powerful, but it has the shameless style of the 80s: the underwear is pulled up to the height above the hips, while the bra ranges from a soft wired version with a thin shoulder strap to a more comprehensive coverage of the sporty tube top style. Bras and panties in black, white and flaming red base colors range in price from $25 to $55 and offer ultra-small to extra-large.

The line was launched earlier this year by concept store buyers and production managers in Moscow. (both want to remain anonymous.) “We have different experiences here,” says one of the creators in the email. “One of us is always looking for cool, avant-garde designs in lingerie, which has led to the purchase of underwear in strange places such as quirky markets and resale platforms since the 1990s. Another of us has a bend The shape, so finding a perfect fit is a struggle. “Irma’s name may look like the western ear, but the two think it is a strong name” reflects the spirit of the label. “Irma’s inauguration You can see the attitude of no apology, which shows the costumes worn by strippers of different sizes in the local area. Deciding to use a female instead of a model came from another stereotype that I wanted to break: “We want to make this theme more visible and show the stripper as an inspiring professional dancer,” they said.

Irma’s style is completely different from its own mass market style. “The Russian market is completely lacking in so-called ‘comfortable’ underwear,” the two wrote. “Most of the shops here showcase a wide variety of lingerie – women’s laces, bright girl prints – but not for the comfort and simplicity of everyday wear.” Many women eventually went to the street market to find non-branded works. “Russian women are different in size from anywhere else, but most designer stores are for people who are small, medium, big and big, so other customers are affected,” they said. “This may be because of a popular stereotype: a woman in Russia should be thin, just like there is no extra weight, even if it is a curve.”

While more body-friendly underwear can be ordered from abroad or purchased in boutiques in major cities, the creators say that Russia’s crumbling economy requires local alternatives. They explained: “The ruble has fallen by 15% against the dollar and the euro, so it is almost impossible to maintain a competitive price.” “Products made in the US or France become extravagant when passing customs, thus creating a local manufacturing and friendly The price line seems to be the right move.” To offset the high cost, the two manufactured neighboring Ukraine. So far, customers are satisfied with the concept of products and labels. They said: “Irma’s goal is to educate modern people and make them more free when choosing underwear, regardless of body type.” “If we can help at least one girl feel better about herself, it is already a victory.”