How the building changes: from the jam factory to the underwear to the gorgeous apartment

Blouin Tardif Architectes performed a beautiful adaptive reuse and addition in Montreal.

One of the reasons we like old wooden warehouse buildings, as well as new wooden buildings built like old ones, are because they are very flexible and adaptable. This is a good example of Montreal, the monument project of Blouin Tardif Architectes. It is now seven lovely residential units, but see where it is and what it is.

In 1905, it was the “St. Louis Protection Company”, which made jams and jellies. According to V2com-newswire:


In 1927, the underwear company “Grenier” took over the installation and built an important add-on in 1933. This was done according to the plan of the architect Joseph-Zéphirin Gauthier, which unified the different parts of the building. New look. The latter is made of brickwork and is interrupted by a regular arrangement of window openings, which consist of a rectangular window interrupted by a semicircular opening in the inlet. The company will leave the 4835 Coloniale in 2012.
Now it has found a new living space in the existing wall and added a new life to the top.

The strategy includes limiting interventions on existing enclosures and floors, adding a level of debris to the roof, and piercing openings in existing frames to increase natural light penetration into the center of the volume. The new layout includes seven units and parking spaces in the basement.
The four units above are quite nice family units with three bedrooms and a terrace on the front roof. There is an elevator that seems to be on the second floor, but these are not for the timid; the living room, dining room and kitchen are on the third floor, which is an upside down plan to provide the best view and open space for the living space.
Given that the walls on one side of the corridor are blank without windows, I wonder if they are smarter to take the elevator to the third floor and set up a corridor there, even though they will lose a large saleable area. I originally thought that the aging market needs it, but these are three-bedroom family units. I think the baby boomer will buy it on the first floor.
Although there are some small holes around the elevator (it is good for you to take the stairs), the monument project is a good example of adaptive reuse, and those old wooden structures (and new descendants) can do anything.

Bella Thorne takes off her lace underwear in her latest Instagram post

Bella Thorn shared a pretty beautiful photo of her sexy lace lingerie on social media on Tuesday.

In the snapshot, the 21-year-old actress and singer sat in a dim red room, wearing a purple pink lace bra and matching underwear. Thorn seems to be sitting in the space between the club’s common sofas. The part she puts out is illuminated from below, as if the light source was placed below the surface. To commemorate the Halloween season, a candy is scattered around the black bomb.
In the shot, the famous love actress looks down on her lips decorated with cherry tones, slightly separated. Thorne wore a dark brown bun, and the tall ponytail pulled back, highlighting her face. To match her look, Thorn wears a variety of necklaces, including a wooden Christian cross necklace. Keep it to a minimum, the singer didn’t wear any shoes.
“Candy girl guess what I am going to do tonight,” Thorne wrote in the title of the photo, accompanied by a emoji of a heart.

This article received more than 527,000 comments and more than 1,800 comments, fans praised her photos, comments such as “so paint”, “great” and “amazing”.
There is also a man wearing a light shirt and jeans holding the camera, which indicates that the lens is part of the project. Thorn marked Ridge Production on the cameraman, suggesting she was filming a music video.

As the Daily Mail pointed out, Thorne performed at a Halloween party in Los Angeles a few hours later. According to the “Daily Mail” report, the singer also shared her own snapshots in her Halloween costume through her Instagram story, in which she looks like a zombie Madonna.

Earlier this month, the young star began to tell her about her experiences in “Celebrities in Love,” revealing that she was humiliated, bullied, and called a name, which Inquisitr had previously reported. The show aired on the Freeform network for two seasons and was cancelled last summer.

According to Inquisitr’s report, the rumor that the network said it had withdrawn from the series because Thorn had a natural attitude and it was difficult to work with it. However, Thorn recently shared that the network called her “uncontrollable and crazy” because they feared she would discuss sensitive topics such as bullying or feminism on social media.

“There are some comments,” said Thorne, suggesting that she was discriminated against and disadvantaged by Freeform employees.