Victoria’s Secret founder Leslie Wexner is fashion’s most enigmatic mogul

As all eyes turn to the most-watched fashion parade on Earth, we pull back the curtain on the mogul behind the mega-brand.

The man who has built the Victoria’s Secret brand into a lucrative powerhouse is as discreet as his wares are glitzy.

Unlike other hot shots in the fashion industry, Leslie Wexner shuns the media spotlight in favour of a quiet, though privileged, life with his family.

Far from the glamorous heights of Trump Tower, he is described as introspective and contrarian, opting to run his $7.8 billion empire from a no-frills office opposite a rubbish dump in Columbus, Ohio.

Yet the 78-year-old retail guru, credited with transforming the way women shop, is one of just a handful of apparel entrepreneurs to make this year’s exclusive Forbes 400 list of ultra-rich tycoons.

The bra billionaire is ranked at number 63 on the Forbes 400 list, beating Ralph Lauren, Donald Trump and processed food king Robert Kraft.

In an industry that has been described as dying a slow and painful death, Wexner has triumphed by backing the brands that shoppers can’t help but stay loyal to, while countless other labels have gone under.

Parent company L Brands, of which Wexner has served as founder, chief executive and chairman for 53 years, turns over $9 billion a year, dwarfing its competitors as the main player in America’s lingerie market.

With a stable of brands that includes Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Bodyworks, Pink and La Senza, L Brands owns 41 per cent of the $13.2 billion American market.

Its sales hit $11.4 billion last year, with products sold in almost 4000 stores in more than 60 countries.

What has kept L Brands profitable is Wexner’s ability to discern what is worth pouring money into — like jaw-dropping fashion parades — and what needs ditching.

That includes Abercrombie & Fitch, which Wexner spun off in 2007 and has been haemoraging money ever since.

The tycoon reportedly kept Victoria’s Secrets on the hunch that the brand had the “emotional resonance” to survive the shifting retail market.

This visionary prowess has been the key to Wexner’s success from the very beginning.

The L word: Lingerie football a ‘cheap, degrading perv’, Kate Lundy says

IT’S the kind of sport you’d look at and say: only in America. Except that the Lingerie Football League, which is literally self-explanatory, has also set up shop in Australia.

It&aposs just as it sounds: hot women in skimpy outfits – and skimpy puts it lightly – masquerading as serious, tough football players in a bastardised version of America&aposs most beloved sport: gridiron.

And the Federal Minister for Sport, Kate Lundy, is certainly no fan, describing it as a “cheap, degrading” perv.

Writing for : “Lingerie Football isn&apost just a distraction it&aposs an assault on sport.

“We can do so much better than LFL. And most importantly, our daughters deserve more.”

Having watched the LFL for, scientific observation, we found it surprising how seriously it&aposs taken. Male commentators treat it with every bit of legitimacy as the NFL.

But Ms Lundy says it&aposs a blight on the Australian sporting landscape to see the LFL launch here, with two exhibition matches scheduled for June.

“The LFL is about giving viewers an opportunity to perv on women in gear that looks like it&aposs come from an adult shop,” she said.

“It&aposs called the Lingerie Football League because it&aposs almost exclusively about the underwear.

“I can&apost abide a spectacle that degrades women and threatens to undermine the progress of women in sport in Australia.”

Kanye West snapped in NYC as wife Kim Kardashian stars in sexy shoot

A BLONDE Kanye West has been snapped in the Big Apple after his breakdown as his wife, Kim Kardashian, made her comeback with a sexy shoot.

Kardashian, 36, had been keeping an uncharacteristically low profile since her Paris robbery ordeal.

The reality star appears in Love magazine’s famed advent calendar, sporting pale pink lace lingerie and a fur coat.

The clip — released today — was shot before Kardashian’s horror holdup in October.

Kardashian’s sister Kendall Jenner, 21, along with Bella Hadid, Sofia Richie, Joan Smalls, Emily Ratajkowski and Irina Shayk have also starred in Love’s annual Christmas-themed calendar so far this month.

Kardashian poses in a sexy Agent Provocateur bra and kickers, teamed with a Coach coat, for Day 12.

Her planned comeback earlier this month was cancelled at the last-minute when West was hospitalised for extreme exhaustion.

The couple has been the subject of divorce rumours since West’s breakdown.

Meantime, Paris police told Us Weekly authorities are “nowhere near finding who the robbers are”.

Five men held up Kardashian at gunpoint, stealing $10 million worth of jewellery and leaving her begging for her life.

“Two months on and we’re nowhere near finding who the robbers are,” the unnamed source told

“You could call it strange, but actually it can take many months, even years to solve a heist mystery.

“There’s a lot that goes on beyond the initial evidence collecting. . It can take a long time.”

Ashley Graham on how to wear the heck out of your lingerie

“Women of all shapes and sizes should be represented in every division of fashion.”

“My generation never had role models that were uber curvy, that had cellulite, that were talking about it or posting about it. ” says Ashley Graham. “I really wanted to create a role model for the next generation and let them know that they’re not alone.”

Back in 2016, Graham became the first plus-size model (as size 14) to land the cover of Sports Illustrated. From there, she scored Vogue cover, has a  Barbie made in her image, landed a hosting gig with America’s Next Top Model and has a partnership designing lingerie with Canadian retailer Addition Elle. “When I made my first collection five or six years ago, I never thought it was going be the little mini empire that we’ve built” she said, adding “I think that women of all shapes and sizes should be represented in every division of fashion”.

Naturally, she has a wealth of knowledge to aid women in how to seriously rock the lingerie they’re wearing too. “Wear it with confidence; wear the right size; get fitted,” says Graham. “A lot of women are wearing too big of a band and too small of a cup and a lot of times you need to go down on your band size and up on a cup. It’s okay you don’t have to tell anybody and just wear the right size,” she explains.

The right bra is the foundation of any good outfit according to Graham, who likes to highlight her chest, legs or waist. “There’s always going to be a body part out,” she says, and she’ll work to get her outfit right.  “I would be thirty minutes late if I wasn’t comfortable in a look.”

So when she’s feeling herself, how does she set the mood? Well, it turns out Graham doesn’t care to bare it all. “That’s my business,” she says laughing.

Finding the Perfect Underwear For a Formal Event

If you are going to a formal event in the near future then as a woman there is no doubt you will want to look your absolute best. With this in mind you really should not only focus on the dress you are going to be wearing but also the underwear that you are going to be wearing underneath. Some women overlook what underwear they are going to wear and this is a huge mistake, wearing the correct underwear for the occasion can not only make you feel amazing but look it too. Nearly everyone has been out where a woman has exposed the wrong underwear and even if that woman is not you there is no doubt that you would of felt there embarrassment therefore it is important that you avoid this at all costs. Once you get the hang of it you will find that buying the perfect underwear is not actually that hard you just have to make sure you choose options that hold both maximum comfort and style.

The first thing that you have to make sure is that you’re buying underwear that’s the correct size, this may sound obvious but it has be proven that many women buy underwear that isn’t actually their correct size. All brands are sizes slightly different so you should always check the measurements. You should also make sure that the underwear that you’re going to buy is going to be 100% comfortable this is by far the most important factor to many ladies. No one wants to feel uncomfortable all night as it will make the evening ahead very awkward and also you won’t be able to enjoy the night to its full potential. There is a huge and extensive range of underwear out there for you to choose from so no one can say that there is nothing out there for them, no matter what style, size or body shape you are we can assure you that there is in fact something perfect for you.

The next thing that you have to do after choosing a style is to make sure you choose a colour that is appropriate for what you are wearing, no one wants others to be able to see their underwear through their dress as this can often be incredibly humiliating. Choosing the wrong colour can make you become the centre of attention and for all the wrong reasons.

Bearing all of this vital information in mind here at My-Knickers we have put together a huge range of lingerie for you to choose from making it easy for every single woman to find something absolutely perfect to fit all of their individual needs and requirements. To check out all of our collections just visit out main website where you will hopefully be provided with what you’re looking for. After looking at your site if you want any further information about any of our products or services you can also call us over the phone where we can assure you a member of our staff will be more than happy to help you out. All of our staff are highly knowledgeable and will no doubt be able to provide you with the information or advice that you need. We take complete and utmost pride in knowing that we have been able to help so many people out when it comes to the perfect lingerie and really hope that you will provide us with the unique opportunity to help you out too.

Do not show the big chest lingerie, to help you get rid of summer embarrassment

Big chest girls most troubled is the summer time, because the summer clothes are thin, if the color is relatively shallow, then it will become more embarrassing.

This time we need some of the more special underwear, you can make the chest from the visual effect of the above look relatively small. That way, then wear clothes is not so embarrassing, you can easily spend this summer.

Ultra-thin style, wear on the body feel very comfortable, as if they can not feel the existence. Highly breathable, you can do moisture perspiration, always keep the back of the dry, then do not worry about the issue of sweating in the summer. Breathable cotton lining, feels soft and comfortable, wear soft skin on the body.

Three-dimensional cup, pull down the care, you can mention the role of anti-sagging. Can effectively receive your deputy milk, to create three-dimensional chest. U-type beauty of the back design, do not need to worry about the shoulder slipped down the problem. Lace of the shape, dynamic and charming. Purple tones, inexplicable with a mystery.

This underwear looks more girl, with red and white as the main color, above a lot of red flowers, looks very dynamic. The shoulder part of the cup there is the top of the design of the lace, adding a little sexy. The most important thing is very light and comfortable to wear.

Simple and stylish design, there is no extra pattern above, more suitable for people like simple style. Almond color, plus there are black tones, have reduced the embarrassment of dressing. Back with a high-quality high-elastic mesh fabric, not only cool and breathable, and wearing a very good feeling, do not want to take off.

How To Throw A Fantasy Lingerie Party

Nurse uniforms are perhaps the best known fantasy lingerie. They are easy to find and fairly inexpensive. Nurse uniforms come in a wide variety of styles, some of which are perfect for Halloween parties and other get-togethers, while others are suitable only for the bedroom. However, there is an entire world of fantasy lingerie with which you may be less familiar. To broaden your knowledge, why not gather your girlfriends together for a fantasy lingerie party? Here is what you need to know to throw a bash your friends are not likely to forget.

No occasion is really necessary to throw a great lingerie party. However, an upcoming occasion will give the party a theme and a focus. Bridal showers, birthdays, and many other celebrations lend themselves particularly well to a fantasy lingerie party.

Although a fantasy lingerie party could be thrown almost anywhere, if you have the funds consider renting a hotel suite. Make it a girls’ weekend away, perhaps in the nearest big city.

Fantasy lingerie can be expensive. Have each girl buy one costume to bring. Set rules on the purchase to make it into a game, whether you set a dollar limit or a ban on well-known costumes such as nurse uniforms and French Maid costumes.

Open some wine or a bottle of your favourite liquor, and then bring on the costumes! Depending on your friends’ preferences, you may want to model the costumes or simply hold them up for inspection. If you and your friends happen to be the same size, you could even have a white elephant exchange of costumes. However, fantasy lingerie should fit well, so this will not work for groups of women of differing sizes.

The party should naturally segue into stories about the item’s purchase, other items that were for sale at the same shop and so forth. Many women are uncomfortable with the idea of introducing fantasy lingerie into their personal lives, and the fantasy lingerie party provides the perfect venue for dispersing awkwardness and nerves. Your friends will give you advice, tell you how a costume looks, and allow you to become more comfortable with the general idea of fantasy lingerie.

A fantasy lingerie party is a wonderful and unusual event for women of all ages. Whether you and your friends are naturally wild and looking for even more extreme ideas or normally conservative and hoping to branch out a bit, a fantasy lingerie party can broaden your horizons and give you a new perspective. Combined with a girls’ weekend away, it can also provide great memories and fabulous stories to tell your grandchildren someday.

Nurse uniforms and French maid costumes are popular and easy to find. However, there is a whole world of fantasy lingerie with which you may not be familiar. To expand your horizons, why not throw a fantasy lingerie party? You will learn from each other while creating memories to last a lifetime.

Ashley Graham debuted her 14th plus size lingerie line with Montreal-based brand Addition Elle earlier this month.

And as a part of the promotion for the line, the 29-year-old body positivity advocate starred in a sultry video ad for the campaign, displaying her boundary breaking curves while wearing items from her Purple Rain By Ashley Graham line.

The clip sees Ashley sporting the skimpy outfits in what appears to be a high-rise penthouse apartment overlooking Montreal.

She runs her hands over the cups of her bra in several shots and shakes her hips seductively for the camera.

‘I’m excited to continue the evolution of my lingerie offering with the Addition Elle team. We have worked together for many seasons now to create desirable lingerie for women of all sizes. We remain committed to being the global trendsetter for sexy and supportive lingerie with the new, seductive Purple Rain collection,’ said Ashley.

Following the success of Ashley’s previous 13 collections (Dark Beauty, Seductive, Rebel Beauty and more) Purple Rain continues to be daring with a provocative tone.

Styles are delicately adorned with a new web lace finish, rich, purple microfibers draped with black fishnet and lace spun to reflect a spider web.

Delicate and fine yet strong and powerful, the pieces are detail heavy, featuring bows, hardware, and dramatic black straps lined with deep purple picot.

‘We are excited for our latest lingerie collection with style starlet Ashley Graham. She personifies the confidence of the Addition Elle woman and exudes an inimitable sense of feminism and poise, coupled with fearless and impactful energy,’ said Roslyn Griner, Vice President of Marketing and Visual Presentation for Addition Elle.

High temperature red warning has long been frequently sent, since 40 degrees has come, 40 + will be far away?

This makes the sister how to summer it! Do not wear underwear not, wearing underwear and hot, how to do? The fan against the chest blowing it, it is too hot eyes! Midline Body underwear health experts recommend: ladies and gentlemen, we must choose a comfortable underwear, if the underwear comfortable both body, it is excellent.

Remember the weather is cold to tell myself, so warm weather went to exercise! Well, now the weather is “very warm”! Put on the comfortable body underwear we go to the movement and slow! Body underwear left, sports? Die small series will not go!

Do not be surprised, as can be done to do yoga, both comfortable body plus breathable midrib body underwear, has long been the body of the underwear industry fashion choice, and the middle of the body underwear magic, you can let countless crush summer!

Good things always someone jealous, as much as online rumors “in the pulse of the body underwear is a lie”, “mid-selling high price underwear”, “in the pulse-shaped experience is a hoax” … … This is true? With Xiaobian together to see it!
Breathable is very important, the middle of the body underwear to do!

The summer of travel, easily sweat dripping, so be sure to choose good ventilation, hygroscopic strong underwear! So the problem came, there is no such a underwear, you can meet all the above criteria? Zhongmai Body Division in response to you Small master, midweek body underwear has long been presented, waiting for the small master “flop”!

There is no doubt that the middle of the body underwear through the use of precision weaving techniques, in line with the female breast points and fat to the direction of the six side of the pressure, fit the female breast, 3D stereoscopic cut, midbrain body underwear such as the second layer of skin, Not tight, fully meet the crush on the underwear breathability needs.
Comfortable can not be ignored, midweek body underwear surprise show!

Of course, in the tourism process, many people will wantonly play, happy mood, which will inevitably sweat, this time more need to be a moisture-absorbing underwear to help absorb sweat. At this point, the midweek body underwear has a “breathable elastic fiber” with high sweat and high permeability, in the adjustment of fat at the same time allow the skin to enjoy comfortable breathing, keep the skin dry and prevent odor and bacteria breeding and other issues Oh ~

Put on the veil underwear to travel, you do not have to bear the sticky feeling of sticky, but also to avoid the common sense of underwear caused by a sense of restraint, do not worry about the body will cause discomfort and other issues.

If you want to take pictures, underwear is definitely a big helper na! Midline body underwear, as a perfect show underwear, a sexy both beautiful underwear, color and temperament points! Absolute is to help you out of the best select!

Moreover, the midline to create a lot of consumers beautiful curve of the body, this summer is a lot of crush love palm in the palm of your hand, midwine body underwear in the consumer can be described as a praise! Not as rumors that the middle of the body is a hoax it!

In this 40-degree high temperature shrouded, the boys bare arms on the cool, girls wearing a midwine body underwear, still can be fashionable and cool! Why not fly yourself once, with the midweek body underwear let himself wear out fashionable children?

With the peacekeeping show swept the world set off a fashion trend of lingerie

With the peacekeeping show swept the world, set off a fashion trend of lingerie. To be in the same place, in addition to bright light to take a good coat, but also meticulously put on underwear.

Some people say that the quality of a woman is reflected in the choice of underwear, not worn inside can not be sloppy, the more personal clothing, the more the need for exquisite.

So, lingerie manufacturer china the pursuit of fine women on the underwear, only higher without the highest, more and more underwear began to embark on the luxury line. The use of high-end fabrics, diamond elements of the mosaic, each innovation are refreshed a higher level of underwear standards.

Your coat is what kind of style, into what kind of elements? What kind of luxury do you have for your underwear?

Open the door to fashion, expand the trend of vision, take a look at luxury lingerie what kind of face it!