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She announced her pregnancy last month.

Kate Upton, 26, took a photo of the photo taken, and she barely wore underwear, focusing on her famous full-fledged assets.

The supermodel will be the first time to become a parent with her husband, Justin Verlander, who looks sultry because she shows her enviable curves in a series of playful lingerie from the Yamamay brand.

In one photo, Kate flaunts her fascinating cleavage in a simple, classic black bra that matches the high-waist briefs.

On the other hand, when she slipped her body into a black lace underwear suit with suspenders, her sex was improved.

Showing her stovepipe, the blond bomb looks like a wine-colored body.

Kate exudes a fresh cosmetic in a loose bun and mixes her hair into a side-by-side style. Kate proved to be flawless.

Kate recently made headlines after announcing that she and her MLB star husband are expecting their first child.

Mother is about to announce her pregnancy, she put herself on the balcony of the red suit, and labeled “Pregnant in Miami.”

Justin shared the big news on his Instagram account, reposted the same snapshot, and a headline about his “careful, caring, caring and powerful” wife.

“You will be the most amazing mother!!” He is very good. ‘I can’t wait to start a new journey with you! You are the most considerate, caring, caring, and strong woman I have ever seen!

“I am very proud that our little person will be raised in this world by a woman like you! I love you so much.”

Before the wedding last year, Kate revealed in PEOPLE magazine in February that she and Justin “absolutely want children”.

She told the publication: “But hopes won’t be very fast, but of course, you know, the truth happened!”

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