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Month: November 2022

Street Style From Spring 2023 Shows at Lagos Fashion Week

The Lagos Fashion Week, although has yet to be recognized on the same scale as its counterparts in other countries, has proved itself to be the platform for up-and-coming promising African designers. Lagos Fashion Week continues to grow and create a buzz in West Africa’s biggest fashion capitals. At the 11th Lagos Fashion…

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Ways to Keep Fit at Home

There are many reasons why people join the gym or classes but that is not an essential thing to do in order to get fit. There are many home workouts to get in shape without stepping foot into a fitness studio. There are equipment-free exercises to high-intensity cardio routines that can get your…

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Have you picked up a beautiful curvy shapewear for Black Friday night?

Have you picked up a beautiful curve-fitting dress for Black Friday night? Don’t worry if you did not. We are here to guide you about what to pick up a beautiful curvy shapewear for Black Friday night. Every woman on the planet desires an attractive physique. If your body is in great shape,…

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The Top Engagement Ring Trends For 2023 Couples

Engagement rings symbolize love, commitment and promise. It is a piece of jewelry that the bride will wear for years to come and pass it on to her next generation as an heirloom piece. As such picking one is a serious business and a lot of thought goes into choosing an engagement ring. Every…

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Black Friday Bra, Here You Can Find Cosmolle’s Unique Offers

Whether you are shopping for the best bra for small breasts, the best bra for big breasts, or any size in between among the bras available in the market today, you would know how frustrating it can be to look for the best one. All you need in a bra is support and…

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