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Month: August 2020

Five Makeup Tips for Not Taking Off Makeup in Summer

During summer, the temperatures are usually high. The body sweats naturally and puts a damper on the makeup. With the high heat and humidity, you could give with makeup. However, there are ways to ensure that your lipstick, mascara, and contour, even while sweating, remain in place. Here are five makeup tips that…

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Best Sellers in Waist Cincher For Women to Buy

Imagine yourself in a dress you are curious to wear for a long time. Feeling amazing? Isn’t it? But, you think it is not possible due to your plus size figure or bulky curves. We can help you in turning your imagination into reality. Yes, you have heard it right. FeelinGirl is a…

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Style Tips to Wear a Crop Top

The crop tops are a casual wear that offer versatility and can be paired with any kind of bottom. They can be worn on special occasions like concerts and parties. You can also wear them as formal wear, prom dress and even as wedding dress. There are many crop tops with wide range…

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