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Month: June 2023

6 Sleek Slip Dresses and How to Style Them

A long time ago, slips are worn underneath dresses with clingy material so that they would drape properly. Slips also offer coverage and slips that were lingerie. In the 90s, slips became popular and fashionable on its own. Celebrities like Kate Moss, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Wynona Ryder paved the way for the…

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5 Best Swimsuits for Big Busts, Vetted by Expert

It’s the swimsuit season! This means that it is time for an up-to-date wardrobe for those lazy pool days, weekends by the beach or traveling to an exotic island. Whether you plan to dip your toes into the pool or catch the sun out at the beach, a well-fitting swimsuit will prepare you…

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6 Best Swimsuits for Big Busts, Vetted by Experts

Struggling to find a swimsuit that provides adequate support for larger busts can make the process sound like scheduling an arduous task. But despair not! There are plenty of specially designed swimsuits — particularly fit and styled for extra support and added comfort for ample assets — leaving you feeling at ease no…

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Discover the latest trends in women’s activewear

With the advancement of social media on the internet, every day we have more access to all kinds of people. From different parts of the world, with different styles and cultures. People who gain more prominence on the internet become influencers. And along with them comes the power to be able to influence…

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The 6 Best Beach Bags to Stylishly Carry Your Vacation Essentials

Gone are the days when beach bags were just plain plastic or drab bags. They have increasingly won the hearts of women and guaranteed their place in the fashion world. From straw models to other materials; It is increasingly common for these accessories to appear at fashion shows and also in the closets…

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How to Wear Long Sweaters & Keep Them Looking Great

There is no doubt about it that sweaters are a closet-must haves and they are the ones that we all reach for when the temperature drops. Besides adding an extra layer to the cold weather look to keep you cozy, long sweaters can elevate any outfits. Versatility is an important element to look…

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