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Skincare Tips for Beginners: Heal Your Skin from Within

Skincare used to be a simple routine of washing your face with water and soap, then patting your face dry with microfiber towel. Nowadays, starting a skincare regimen can be a tricky thing. With many products to use, beauty tips to follow, face massages to do, and trendy skincare advice to try, we…

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Artist Eyeshader: Be Your Own Queen

Make-up is what makes beauty interesting. You can make anything and be anyone with the power of colors, contour, and eyeshadows. However, knowing how to apply your eye make-up will make a drastic difference to your look. How can you become your queen? Being confident, knowing what you want to look like, and…

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Cartier, One of the Best Choices of Accessories for Girls

Indeed clothing is the essential piece we should have and keep since it protects our body and helps to accentuate body silhouette. However, accessories somehow become the staple statement to boost our outfit, and they are as important as clothing.   Accessories can elevate your mood since pairing them to your outfit is…

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Which Eyeshadow Palette Is Suitable for Winter?

When we think about winter, what comes to mind? Is it the flawless skin, bold lips, clothing, or our statement eyes? Of course, our favorite, our provoking and tantalizing eyes (not to mention our makeups). In doing so, it’s time to bang and make it loud with our lids! Though winter indeed combines…

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How to Buy Shiny Eye Makeup

We would be the first to agree that glitter makeup isn’t for everybody. But you’ll want to check out these glitter eyeshadow tips before you try the next fleck full look for those of you beauty gurus who aren’t afraid to bring a lot of sparkles into the beauty routine, whether that’s regular…

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