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Month: May 2022

4 Style Tips To Look 10 Years *YOUNGER*

It is no secret that aging is not something we can avoid. Most people dream of age gracefully and will do everything we can to put if off for as long as possible. Besides genetics, many factors play a role in aging us, like the exposure to the sun, the food we eat,…

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Summer Dresses Try On Haul 2022! Dresses Under $50!!

Well, we don’t know about you but somehow, we always find room in our wardrobe for another dress. With the summer temperature heating up, nothing is better than easy, stylish single-item outfits. Now is the time to start shopping for the best summer dresses in 2022. Furthermore, parties, weddings and holidays are back this…

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What kind of shoes do you choose for wide leg pants

A trend in the 1990s and 2000s, the wide leg pants made a comeback. The pants are a combination of the famous pantalona, ​​for having the wide legs and baggy, which is the most characteristic of the oversized. The current model can be found both in tailoring and in jeans. The pants go…

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How to Choose the Right Pajama for the Perfect Sleep?

For most people, high job pressure or stress can make sleeping difficult. They might also be suffering from health problems that prevent them from sleeping well. But, if you don’t have any of these issues, there are just two conceivable causes for your sleep cycle to be disrupted. It might be your uncomfortable…

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Selection of sunscreen in summer

We live in a time where it is necessary to apply SPF protection factor on a daily basis. We need to apply 365 days a year, and when there is no sun and it hides behind the clouds, it is mandatory to apply. Now that summer and warm weather are coming, you do…

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