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Selection of sunscreen in summer

We live in a time where it is necessary to apply SPF protection factor on a daily basis. We need to apply 365 days a year, and when there is no sun and it hides behind the clouds, it is mandatory to apply. Now that summer and warm weather are coming, you do…

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Skin cleaning guide at home

Self care was one of the most researched topics in a pandemic season. The search for deeper hair care, losing weight and having healthy looking skin has helped many people to be able to have control over something and stay healthy in moments of uncertainty. The skin on our face needs completely different…

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How to draw eye shadow to look more attractive?

A good make up look can be enhanced multifold when the eye make up is on point. With the perfect eye make up and choosing the right color combination, the eyes look well defined and enhanced. But it is so difficult to figure which eye look to pair with what outfit and how…

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