Kate Upton, sports Illustrated swimwear star and looking forward to mother, model erotic lingerie

Kate Upton is waving.

The Sports Illustrated Swimwear Cover Girl showed off her famous assets as she almost overflowed from the lace black lingerie and other sloppy underwear to Yamamay.

The model also photographed the stems wearing transparent stockings, garters and curved tight-fitting high-waist briefs, showing her slimming, sun-kissing stems.

According to the news sent to Fox News on Thursday, the Italian brand series in the fall of 2018 was called “perfect fit”, aiming to “adapt to the real body of women.”

“Kate Upton is looking forward to her first child, and Yamamay is proud to have a future mother as her ambassador. With her curves, she tries to convey the natural beauty and uniqueness of each woman,” Yamamay wrote. .

This collection may have been taken before the 26-year-old blonde blockbuster announced that she was expecting her first child with her husband, Justin Verlander, in July.

This is not the first time Upton has heated a female retailer. Yamamay launched the 2018 summer Sculpt swimwear collection on Instagram on April, including the stunning bikini and single piece of Upton sports.

“Sports Illustrated” previously reported that Upton worked with Yamamay earlier this year when she launched the first thin underwear for the spring, with the slogan “beauty and sexy from your inner feelings.”

This summer, when she officially announced her pregnancy on Instagram, Upton made headlines. The high-profile model and her Houston astros star celebrity got married in Italy on November 4, 2017, just two days after Verlander helped the team win the World Series.

Upton posted a photo of himself wearing a red trouser suit with the words “#BirthinMiami @JustinVerlander.” The supermodel looks like a little baby.

Upton has been thriving throughout her career, although she was initially told she needed to lose weight to get a more typical model.

“At first I tried to lose weight to become their image, but in the end I realized that it was unrealistic,” Upton told Charm Magazine in 2016. “So I have to stop them. I think those who want to change you the most are those with the least vision and creativity.

“When I grow up, having a curved body to fill my swimsuit is considered a good thing. Because it’s a negative factor that confuses me. Also, when I started working, I was often booked, mainly for Directory work.

“So when people say, ‘Hey, she doesn’t have the right model,’ I think, ‘Why do I work every day?’ You can have many different directions in the modeling industry and there are many ways to succeed.”

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