Sarah Jessica Park joins the new movement of the Italian lingerie brand

Intimissimi: ‘This is an exciting’
Sex and the City fans know that Carrie Bradshaw’s bra is as important to her wardrobe as her Manolos. She wore clothes, she wore sheer shirts, and even occasionally wore gorgeous bras to the streets of Manhattan. In essence, CB is O.G. underwear as a coat (sorry, Kim Kardashian West), this trend is very popular in 2018.
Although Sarah Jessica Parker usually likes to distinguish herself from her own role, she does think that wearing underwear outside the bedroom is the common thing for them.
At the international press conference, the 53-year-old Parker announced her brand ambassador for the new autumn event of Italian lingerie brand Intimissimi, telling PEOPLE the trend, “I have liberated it.” “I am very happy because I never stopped doing this. Do. We [in the program] did something that overlaps me and the character Carrie.”
Parker attributed his partnership with SATC’s iconic fashion designer Patricia Field to Bradshaw’s boundaries, underwear and avant-garde wardrobe.
“Patfield is our outstanding fashion designer, an extraordinary creative mind, and that’s how we do it,” Parker talked about the influence of the underwear in her character’s closet. “She is very happy, this is what I want to do, I am very excited, this is what she wants to do. But everyone has their own version. Everyone is different. Everyone’s body is different. Everyone’s The body is different, so people should do what they want.”
The fashion collection was held in Verona, Italy on Thursday to celebrate the new role of the actress in the brand and welcome her as an ambassador. She sat in the front row of the 2018 Fall/Winter fashion show, as well as fashion influencers Chiara Ferragni and Alexa Chung.
Top models Irina Shayk, Anne V and Isabeli Fontana lead the fashion show in sexy leotards, bras and cheeky thongs, from sparkling shawls to feather headpieces to over-the-knee boots.
For her campaign, Parker insisted on her roots and hit the streets of N.Y.C. This silky pajama set features the brand’s new black lace platform bra.
“The whole time I worked with Intimissimi was really cute. It was a very good team,” she shared. “Their creativity is exciting, they don’t mind the challenge, and of course the shooting in New York brings challenges – it’s not always easy. Shooting is a happy thing, working with this company is one. Kind of stimulation.”
The actress may seem like she led Bradshaw in the new campaign, but insisted that she was very different from her other self on the screen.
“I always say that we look alike, but everything else is different,” she shared. “For me, this is an association that doesn’t feel like a problem. I don’t feel obstructed by it. I have had amazing experiences in designers and my own fashion work or cooperation. These experiences are very good for me. significance.
“I have friends in the industry, I have seen them because they are emerging designers and have become globally recognized,” she added. “I have a designer friend who has been passed because of my age or tragic situation. If I have a connection with fashion, I don’t mind. It’s not limited. My job is to make choices professionally, reminding people that I am an actor, I can Do a lot of things.”

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