Kendall Jenner on Instagram from eye-catching underwear to shoulderless feathered ornate dress

Kendall Jenner has been secretly keeping up with the spotlights of Katherine (KUWTK) Instagram, and the model has once again done with eye-catching photos!
Kendall Jenner does not want anyone to doubt her supermodel. Jenner is clearing this goal on Instagram.

From her hot ability in Victoria’s secret underwear to a delicate gorgeous girl dress, Kendall stole a party with Kauban’s (KUWTK) Instagram.
Kendall Jenner shared a photo of Victoria’s Secret’s underwear on Instagram
First, let’s take a look at Jenina’s recent photo in the 2018 fashion show at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The character magazine reported that Kendall was happy to let her return to Victoria’s secret fashion show.

The 23-year-old Kardashians star spent a year in Victoria’s secret fashion show. During her return to the lingerie parade, Jenner told the publication that she was happy to work with her friends Gigi and Bella Hadid in this famous event.

“I am very happy to be back. We are together again,” Kendall spoke of Hadid’s sisters.

Kendall Jenner from VS underwear to strapless evening dress
A symbol of an experienced, experienced model: know how to easily change moods and clothing. Kendall proved that she has these talents from the eye-catching underwear to the exquisite strapless dress.

Harper’s Bazaar reports that Jenner’s clothes are Revolve. In addition to the black feather robes, Kendall is also equipped with a Yeezy Season 7 PVC pump. We like those perspective high heels!
Jenner’s opportunity to show off is the Revolve Award at the Las Vegas Palm Resort. Kendall received the annual Revolve icon award.

Victoria’s Secret: Kendall Jenner’s fashion show for the annual lingerie fashion show

Kendall Jenner stole the show on the show while wearing Victoria’s Secret Underwear at the brand’s annual fashion show.

On Thursday night, the supermodel returned from the absence of the year and ruled the fashion show at this year’s glamorous event in New York.

The 23-year-old was shocked when he wore a black lace underwear suit.

As she walked out of the piece, Kendall was full of confidence, with shiny diamonds and a pair of sparkling black high heels.
She was joined to the runway by super models Bella and Gigi Hadid, Winnie Harlow and Alexina Graham.
TV stars are also wearing a patterned miniskirt catwalk, and another quick change sees a part-time reality show star wearing a patterned miniskirt.

Kendall’s mother, Chris, said she was “proud” to her daughter because she shared her photo on the Instagram’s runway.
She added a title to this post: “It’s amazing!! It’s so proud to see Kendall walking on the @victoriassecretFashion Show 2018 show today! All the angels look beautiful! Proud mother.”

Jenna’s sister, Kelly, also left a deep impression and shared Kendall’s photo with the title: “I mean?????!”

Victoria’s Secret Angel Stella Maxwell reveals underwear on Instagram

Victoria’s Secret Angel, Stella Maxwell, looked great in an Instagram post a few days ago when she was photographed in a mirror in a bright yellow ensemble. The underwear uses a lace and hourglass shape in the mid-abdomen area because she is the photo title, “Dream of the Day! Bts shot my family @victoriassecret [heart emoji] today until the show is 5 days!” Her fans shared her The excitement of the VS fashion show, people call her “Goddess”, “the most beautiful”, “My favorite angel”.

Stella also shared a few photos of her and Elsa Horsk. In the first photo, the two were stupid and had pastries in their mouths. The second photo is more serious because the two photos mimic a simple white lingerie with a futuristic background.
The model recently spoke with Glamour UK about the feeling of being an angel on the runway. Maxwell is the cover girl of the magazine’s November 2018 UK digital magazine.

“For me, I feel like I can wear my underwear catwalk! The message I want to send is that women are very sexy. We have girls from all over the world at the show – this is a very sexy and confident character and you are very lucky. I personally like the moment of the fashion show. I think it’s all about feeling good and looks amazing.”

The model later elaborated on this idea, emphasizing all the efforts she and her angel companions were prepared to prepare for the show.
For fans who follow Victoria’s secret models, hard work is certainly obvious. Many models choose to share their workouts as posts or stories on the Instagram page.

“This show is really comfortable about your body. It is about embracing your body. All the hard work we have done in the past few months has reached this level: “Yes, that’s it, this is what I have been Things that work hard! “I think this is mainly about it: it is about working hard!”

Maxwell shared a video on her page a few weeks ago because she did some yoga exercises on some of the stairs. The way the video was shot made Stella’s black silhouette contrast with the blue sky and the city’s background. When she picked herself up with her arms, she made some complicated stretching postures with her legs.

Currently, fans are looking forward to the fashion show, including many famous people such as Bella and Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner.

Kendall Jenner leaves Victoria’s secret accessories to prepare for spectacular lingerie


But it seems that the model has returned to work directly after the birthday party because she was found to have left Victoria’s secret accessories. The real star removed her things from the building and supported the weather as she wore a black coat wrapped in warmth. Sticking out from under her jacket, Kendall’s look matches the mustard-colored pants and a small black handbag. The star looks ready because she wipes her hair off her face when she leaves the field.

Just last week, footwear designer Brian Atwood announced that Kendal will be on the catwalk at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show later this year. On Instagram, he released his excitement about the event and told his followers that staying in touch with Kardashian’s star would also be joined by her friend Gigi Hadid.

Entering the T-stage on the 17th and 17th, the 22-year-old man was still unconfirmed until a few days ago, as other models and angels began to share the good news they would have at the New York show next month. After taking part in the filming, Bella released her own sultry selfie on her bra and pants, and teased fans.

Peep Rihanna Savage x Fenty lingerie pop-up in Santa Clara

Pop star Rihanna knows how to perform, whether we are talking about her sold out concert or her super Fenty T at Fashion Week. At this season’s Savage x Fenty fashion show in New York, when the pregnant model Slick Woods wore almost no underwear (she had a baby in the hospital 14 hours later), the pregnant model Slick Woods stepped onto the runway. Now, the four-month Savage x Fenty pop-up from the New York Fashion Show’s Fall and Holiday Collection at Santafield’s Westfield Valley Fair Mall can be purchased in-store, minus amniotic fluid.

Rihanna (born in Robyn Rihanna Fenty) The Savage x Fenty lingerie collection is part of the singer’s dual lifestyle brand empire, along with the incredible Fenty Beauty. With her recording/touring schedule and performances, the Fenty series seems to be part of this 30-year-old world conquest plan (be careful, Gwyneth “Goop” Patro!) Photo of the weekend opening shows packaging considering Kylie Jenner It’s not surprising that cosmetics have recently been popular with another Bay Area pop-up.

The overall beauty of the pop-up space is sporty, modern and stylish (like the arena stage in Rihanna’s Journey), but the collection is a retro 90s junk and flash (in a good way!) Vintage Todd A new nostalgic look in Oldham or Fran Drescher sitcom “The Nanny”. The acid tones, neon and animal prints of the autumn collection are a mixture of neutral and jewel colours, including oversized satin pajamas and knit tights, which the brand claims can be worn as “outdoor or night”. The series also extends its nude/neutral options to include more skin tones. The #iamsavage collection, most of which is marked with the Savage x Fenty iconic rose gold logo, includes casual wear such as tights, tanks, T-shirts and sweat. The new holiday collection includes denim (underwear, pajamas and outerwear), lace and jungle embroidery. Sizes range from 32A-40DDD bras to XS-3X underpants and pajamas.

Victoria’s Secret Model Georgia Fowler Pink Underwear on Instagram

Victoria’s secret model, Georgia Fowler, shared her excitement about Instagram’s upcoming Victorian Secret Fashion Show. She shared her self-portrait in lingerie, which happened to be a simple squid pink bra with some pale pink pants. She poses in front of a mirror in a high-rise building because the city skyline can be seen in the background. Georgia added the title to this photo, “Call me! Shoot @VictoriasSecret and then it’s my turn to perform! Stay tuned.”
Fans like this song very much. One person wrote a poem to her, while the other said that she looks like “spirituality.” Another person blessed her in the upcoming program and said, “I hope you.” I can wear 2 pieces of clothing this year.” Georgia certainly looks great because she wears her hair in a loose wave and tilts her head to the right.
In the past, Fowler has opened up her favorite model, the detailed Vogue aspect.
“It just can be transformed into any role you always want to be. I always find it interesting. In addition to being an image, it can do more.”
She also revealed one of the difficulties in becoming a well-known model, which is related to dating.
“It’s hard. Then you will increase the pressure, which will cause difficulties. When all you want is to have fun, many others are thinking too much about it.”
In any case, Georgian fans sound like they are looking forward to the fashion show.
The much-anticipated Victorian Secret Show will be broadcast on ABC at 10pm on Sunday, December 2. ET, detailing Harper’s Bazaar. In this highly anticipated event, some popular performers will be present. From Bebe Rexha, Halsey, Rita Ora to Shawn Mendes, it looks like this show is not lacking in music.
This is also an exciting time for the model, because Georgia not only shows her excitement through regular posts, but also through Instagram stories. Although she does not allow sharing the actual equipment for this show, she offers some peeks about her day.
Fowler also raised expectations with another post, she said, “Jetlag is still too excited?!!! Today’s big day #VSFashionshow @victoriassecret. “In the photo, she is wearing a purple bra covered with Her arm stretched a layer in the middle of her hips. Her pink lip makeup and lavender makeup complement the look because her eyes look bluer. The second photo in the series shows her entire outfit, including some black high heels.

New underwear brand is changing the size of the bra

The probability that you are currently buying and wearing the wrong bra size is high. By default, your current bra is probably not as comfortable as you are trying to convince yourself. Many women still wear the same bra size that they found on the day they graduated from the training bra. What we often don’t remember is that our body (naturally) changes every day, and our bust measurements fade and flow as the breast grows and shrinks.
For many years, women have become a standardized bra, regardless of natural features – such as the chest to the side, the larger female with a larger breast, or a larger breast than the other. For Abby Morgan and Lauren Cohan, the founder behind the new lingerie brand CUUP is enough. The industry has long insisted on the wrong size adjustment method. On most things (don’t forget to vote!), women should be better represented.
Morgan and Cohan met when they worked for Free People, and soon discovered what they needed to explore and tell Cohan to describe the “real human story.” This common emotion and compassion – after all, Cohan has a background in visual director and storytelling – and ultimately develops into a brand idea that the brand can be integrated into one of the must-have and humane clothing items: underwear. What is more real than the almost universal underwear, which is the daily experience shared by billions of women in the world?
There are a lot of bra brands trying to bridge the gaps in the underwear industry, so what makes CUUP so different? For beginners, they are changing the way women wear bra sizes. The main task of the co-founder is to change the dialogue around the image of women. Morgan explained, “We want to eliminate the perception of scale and re-direct this idea about female sex.” In 2018, the A and D cups did not have the same “small” and “big” stigma they used to. In fact, according to statistics provided by CUUP, 66% of women in the United States wear D cups or more. Cohan entered the bra herself and found that she was actually a 30E, regardless of the size of the thinnest frame. But the worst thing she found during the renovation was to be told that they didn’t carry her new size. Cohan shared, “If I have these feelings, I can’t be the only feeling.” CUUP is changing its bra, including familiar size labels, while taking into account the natural fit of the breast: from fullness to height, how far apart They are sitting on your chest.
As for the second task of CUUP, it is marketing. The underwear industry is in trouble because it strives to define and achieve an ideal customer base. We’ve seen the era of push-up bras catering to Christmas gifts, the era of photography to eliminate nipples, because marketers believe that realism won’t sell, and that women who are thin women wearing sexy lingerie all cover the size of slings. Ultimately, women want comfort, testimony, equality and anatomical reality in their products.
But goodwill alone does not create good products. For CUUP, the challenge is to find creators, manufacturers and experienced assemblers who are willing to adjust their processes. Manufacturing bras is surprisingly complex: existing industry standards have not been challenged, making it difficult for brands to make more than 20 sizes. The co-founder explained, “Most bra designers are starting to design bras at 34B and start working. We started with 34E.” In two years, they used a real fit mechanism that broke all technical design features. (such as the thickness of the tape), and discussed which mathematical equations ensure that the size grows proportionally. The absolute priority of CUUP is to create a final product that is consistent across all sizes.
As for the quality of the bra, this writer has adapted to her own suit, I am undoubtedly a fan. Although I am happy to report that I am not too far into the size of my bra, I found that a more comfortable fit has liberated my natural chest shape. (The cup I have been cursing has a big gap between the fabric and the chest). Women are not suitable for wearing bras that are not fit for a long time. It is time to give a more representative new person a chance to be hospitable.

How the building changes: from the jam factory to the underwear to the gorgeous apartment

Blouin Tardif Architectes performed a beautiful adaptive reuse and addition in Montreal.

One of the reasons we like old wooden warehouse buildings, as well as new wooden buildings built like old ones, are because they are very flexible and adaptable. This is a good example of Montreal, the monument project of Blouin Tardif Architectes. It is now seven lovely residential units, but see where it is and what it is.

In 1905, it was the “St. Louis Protection Company”, which made jams and jellies. According to V2com-newswire:


In 1927, the underwear company “Grenier” took over the installation and built an important add-on in 1933. This was done according to the plan of the architect Joseph-Zéphirin Gauthier, which unified the different parts of the building. New look. The latter is made of brickwork and is interrupted by a regular arrangement of window openings, which consist of a rectangular window interrupted by a semicircular opening in the inlet. The company will leave the 4835 Coloniale in 2012.
Now it has found a new living space in the existing wall and added a new life to the top.

The strategy includes limiting interventions on existing enclosures and floors, adding a level of debris to the roof, and piercing openings in existing frames to increase natural light penetration into the center of the volume. The new layout includes seven units and parking spaces in the basement.
The four units above are quite nice family units with three bedrooms and a terrace on the front roof. There is an elevator that seems to be on the second floor, but these are not for the timid; the living room, dining room and kitchen are on the third floor, which is an upside down plan to provide the best view and open space for the living space.
Given that the walls on one side of the corridor are blank without windows, I wonder if they are smarter to take the elevator to the third floor and set up a corridor there, even though they will lose a large saleable area. I originally thought that the aging market needs it, but these are three-bedroom family units. I think the baby boomer will buy it on the first floor.
Although there are some small holes around the elevator (it is good for you to take the stairs), the monument project is a good example of adaptive reuse, and those old wooden structures (and new descendants) can do anything.

Bella Thorne takes off her lace underwear in her latest Instagram post

Bella Thorn shared a pretty beautiful photo of her sexy lace lingerie on social media on Tuesday.

In the snapshot, the 21-year-old actress and singer sat in a dim red room, wearing a purple pink lace bra and matching underwear. Thorn seems to be sitting in the space between the club’s common sofas. The part she puts out is illuminated from below, as if the light source was placed below the surface. To commemorate the Halloween season, a candy is scattered around the black bomb.
In the shot, the famous love actress looks down on her lips decorated with cherry tones, slightly separated. Thorne wore a dark brown bun, and the tall ponytail pulled back, highlighting her face. To match her look, Thorn wears a variety of necklaces, including a wooden Christian cross necklace. Keep it to a minimum, the singer didn’t wear any shoes.
“Candy girl guess what I am going to do tonight,” Thorne wrote in the title of the photo, accompanied by a emoji of a heart.

This article received more than 527,000 comments and more than 1,800 comments, fans praised her photos, comments such as “so paint”, “great” and “amazing”.
There is also a man wearing a light shirt and jeans holding the camera, which indicates that the lens is part of the project. Thorn marked Ridge Production on the cameraman, suggesting she was filming a music video.

As the Daily Mail pointed out, Thorne performed at a Halloween party in Los Angeles a few hours later. According to the “Daily Mail” report, the singer also shared her own snapshots in her Halloween costume through her Instagram story, in which she looks like a zombie Madonna.

Earlier this month, the young star began to tell her about her experiences in “Celebrities in Love,” revealing that she was humiliated, bullied, and called a name, which Inquisitr had previously reported. The show aired on the Freeform network for two seasons and was cancelled last summer.

According to Inquisitr’s report, the rumor that the network said it had withdrawn from the series because Thorn had a natural attitude and it was difficult to work with it. However, Thorn recently shared that the network called her “uncontrollable and crazy” because they feared she would discuss sensitive topics such as bullying or feminism on social media.

“There are some comments,” said Thorne, suggesting that she was discriminated against and disadvantaged by Freeform employees.

Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty how to change underwear games

Lou Stoppard said that a new generation of underwear brands are catering to curves and coats of arms, sagging belly and six packs, love handles and super fupas.
Speaking of her little person, what does the “wake up” woman wear? Although the ready-to-wear market has promoted its political connotation, as the brand continues to explain to customers how the coat is empowered, and the eye cream is the ideal choice for feminists, the underwear market is lagging behind in diversity, inclusiveness And meaningful physical enthusiasm.
In fact, underwear and mega glasses that make up large lingerie shows – Victoria’s secret show has about 1.4 billion viewers per year in 192 countries – despite being influenced by #, it still insists on using proven formulas. MeToo and Times Up. Where is Phoebe Philo in the underwear world, what is the chic woman thinking? Who makes underwear for ‘hate women’? Pantsuit country? Who will put on the kitten when they get back?
Enter Rihanna. Not satisfied with just inciting a beauty market that seems to be working to ignore non-white women, she is now preparing for our underwear drawers. She found that the gap in the underwear market is not equal to the preference of women and the choice of berry, starting at 5 in the morning to go to the gym. Her Savage x Fenty show during New York Fashion Week is a festival full of skin colors. There are curves and stretch marks, drooping belly and six outfits, love handles and super ‘fupas’ (again thanks to Beyoncé) and huge pregnant belly – model Slick Woods later revealed that her work started when she walked on the hood of the hood And elastic harness.
The eclectic staff is actor by Samuel Ellis Scheinman. “The Savage X Fenty program has just begun. I can already say that this underwear brand will launch Victoria’s Secret’s ass. Excellent sports women, no silly headpieces or diamond bras. The series will be available online at the end of the show,” Christina Binkley said on Twitter.
“The show is very lively. We are all semi-naked skin, bones, curls, curves, scars and stretch marks, 100% made available to the whole world. With confidence, strength and unity, we can apologize ourselves,” The fabulous shaved model Jazzelle Zanaughtti said she wore a green underwear suit, a tribute to her performance of the lime puff. “As far as I am concerned, I usually don’t really like to perform, they always make me feel that I have to wear a face and a walk that is not like me. But this is so special because I feel like me. Everyone is so different, everyone looks equally amazing. Most of the time, fashion, diversity feels more like reaching quotas. But this show is different: it is organic, it comes from a place of love.”
Savage x Fenty also came up with the answer to a difficult question: how does fashion become “sexy” in an era when women are increasingly being objectified and harassed. Rihanna understands that the answer is not as simple as modesty – after all, she is one of the most confident women in the music industry – not just the world. (Remember, she once sang: “No high heels, no shirts, no skirts, all I have is skin.”) However, she seems to have a more detailed grasp of the slippery concept of empowerment and choice than other executives. Underwear, advertising and publishing.
For example, Rihanna understands that our current market and hot ideals are determined by years of male-dominated expectations that make women attractive. Those so-called sexy signifiers – breasts, tramps, long limbs, slim body, flat belly, long hair – are male preferences. Rihanna is playing the ideals of these builds, so the pregnant belly, the curvaceous form, the blurry dance movements – are far removed from the cheerleaders and kisses we saw on other lingerie tracks.