Fashion Week takes place twice every year, during February and September, when the spring/summer and autumn/winter collections are presented. Being the most famous style of the year, street style was one of the most awaited looks in Fashion Month, with fans excited to see what the designers had in mind. The fans were not disappointed because this Fashion Month , the street styled outfits were insane. In this article, we’ll be sharing 4 street styles that were shown this Fashion Month, that may become the biggest trends.

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4 Street Styles From Fashion Month That Will Dominate This Year


Monochromatic outfits are not old news. Instead it is actually the talk of the town. This Fashion Week, models have been seen wearing bold monochrome outfits like full vibrant blue outfits, with fringes and other accessories that strike out.  These bold outfits add a sense of creativity and an outfit and makes your look seem more unnatural and unique. This unique look has been going famous because as of today’s trends, the more unnatural and different the style is, the more attractive it is.


Retro fashion has stuck around for a long time, and it is no surprise that it is still one of the biggest trends out there. The retro style shown this fashion month was high-waisted  flared jeans with bright coloured crop tops, paired with sunglasses and 70’s accessory. This type of fashion is going viral as it is nostalgic, attracting the old audience to relieve their younger years, and it has a deeper meaning, which is what the current trends are all about.

Skater wearing trucker hat

Gender Blurring

Uni-sex clothing has always seemed comfortable and accessible to anyone, which is why many people enjoy wearing these types of clothes. Fashion and style is another way to represent yourself, so if you go for clothes that don’t draw a line between the genders, then it represents your beliefs and your personality. This fashion month, models have made people wear clothes that are from the opposite gender. In this case, a man was wearing a flowy skirt with a blazer, some boots and a belt. This look really defined fashion in another manner.

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Statement Accessories

Accessories always play a very big role in fashion. The way you put your outfit together, the way you add onto your outfit, it all matters in the fashion world. Statement jewellery and other accessories have been shown this fashion week when a certain person modelled while wearing big pieces of jewellery, a large belt, and other bold accessories. Accessories also hold a deeper meaning, whether they be bold or not, but regarding street style, bold accessories have definitely taken the spotlight.

Full shot woman wearing jacket

In conclusion, this year these street styles will definitely be dominating, so you don’t want to miss on this! Remember that you should always go for looks and styles that speak to you the most, because at the end of the day, fashion does reflect you as a person. We hope this article was some help to you!