After the advent of Racy Lingerie Photo, Tele’s chief NRL writer was accused of “hypocrisy”

“Daily Telegraph”‘s main NRL correspondent Phil “Buzz” Rothfield was accused after breaking the Canterbury Bulldog’s “Crazy Monday” antics and causing the two to be arrested after being photographed with a stripper one week later. For “hypocrisy.” player.

A quick check on Sex Bomb’s website found that the Sydney-based company specializes in parties, erotic shows, waitresses and jelly wrestling for exposed men and women.

B&T has contacted News Corp. to comment and clarify the image of Rosefield, which was reportedly used in the Children’s Cancer Charity in May.

For a long time, Tele has been paying attention to the antics of misbehaving NRL players and personalizing the front page of last Tuesday as a Canterbury player who was involved in drunkenness and nudity during the “Crazy Monday” celebration after the season. .

With the release of stories and images, electronics company Jaycar canceled $500,000 in sponsorship, NRL fined the club $250,000, and two players were accused by the police of “intentional and obscene exposure.”

Andrew Hill said: “The club believes that the images and lessons of the team meeting on Monday are unacceptable and very bad for the game.”
Top Fairfax reporter Kate McClymont quickly raised the image of Rosefield on Twitter yesterday: “Insist on @BuzzRothfield and hope that he won’t go to the ‘dirty event’.” In fact, At Doltone House in Sylvania, it is a Lions Children’s Cancer Charity. “I don’t know that some waitresses are wearing underwear,” Buzz said. “Just say, I smile for a good career.”

Another eye-catching Twitter fan posted a tweet about the “Seafest” event, which clearly advertised the “sex bomber” on the day’s list of artists.

Another tweet from the event showed that another girl in underwear was sitting on the guest, decorated with a Cronulla Sharks jersey in the background, apparently for auction.

Another tweet from Bulldogs supporter Cristoph Stefania asked Rosefield to explain the image and “hypocrisy” because he and The Telegraph had started the Canterbury team a week ago.

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