Say that women are heart of the sea needle, how are puzzled, but no matter how pondering the woman, a lingerie easy to get. Just like the love of clothes bags, women have a sense of love for underwear born, after all, make yourself become beautiful things, who can not like it.

Although the underwear is worn inside, but for women, nothing is free. Especially in the summer this, wearing a very cool season, what kind of clothes to wear what style underwear, is also very elegant.

If it is a dark color, but also how to expose the shoulder clothes, that as long as the underwear wearing comfortable, beautiful shape of the beautiful, there is no requirement.

But lingerie manufacturer if it is some harnesses, or a word shoulder and the like, need strapless clothes, for the choice of underwear, also divided into a variety of, usually a kind of clothes, with a kind of underwear.

Clothes have style, underwear naturally there are differences. There are small girls fresh, there are mature charm, there are mysterious temptation. So, do not look down on a small underwear.

1, with a soft cup lace underwear. Soft cup underwear, and now really contact less. But less steel ring to a fixed soft cup, not only in the free comfort above the strong, and soft cups are generally thin section, plus the back of the lace, more refreshing breathable.

2, triangular cup transparent bra. The cup is made of transparent ultra-soft mesh, plus bikini-style triangular cup design, water-soluble lace embroidery, very sexy. Underwear only use a single layer of fabric, wearing in the summer, no longer have to worry about the hot.

3, Japanese sweet lace bra. The use of clear yarn, embroidered in the above there are small flowers, the whole cup are decorated up. Style is very sweet, very girl feeling. Three quarters of the cup type, is a small chest sister, do not worry about the cup.

4, Bra Top Lace underwear. Bra-style stitching design, a pair of underwear can prevent the light, and also avoid summer wear underwear, as well as wearing a Bra. Side of the buckle design, can be very convenient, at any time can adjust the tightness of underwear.

5, white sexy lace underwear. Originally white gives the feeling is very pure, sweet. But in the lace after a little extension of the design, to create this hazy feeling, fantasy and sexy. Good gather effect, the chest is also very friendly.

6, lace adjustment underwear. Large area of ​​lace, in the underwear there is a split design, so that the lace is very natural to form a bow shape. White gives a pure style, black is a mysterious charm.

7, simple traceless underwear. With a unique metallic luster, sexy wine red, below the gloss, exceptionally charming and romantic. A forming of the incognito, but also very concentrated together, showing a very sexy chest type, so you are full of feminine.