Conservative MPs defend themselves on Twitter on sexy lingerie

Conservative MPs defend themselves on Twitter on sexy lingerie (photo)
Conservative British party member Elena Bunbury became a victim of the Internet troll in the BBC TV debate “Question Time” and posted a photo of a bikini in the face of death threats .

Banbury, who just celebrated her 21st birthday, was one of the youngest elected members of the House of Representatives and entered politics at the age of 19. Her hobbies include rock climbing, kayaking, surfing and video games. She noticed that her bikini photo was copied by the trolls in her private Instagram account and chose to first publish them “to control the narrative.”
Bamburi appeared on the BBC’s “Question Time” panel, telling the audience that “no transactions are not a bad thing” and there are other comments that support the Brexit. Then, West Yorkshire County Councilers began accepting death threats on her private Instagram account, calling her lesbians and “stupid sluts who should be laid down.”

“After the problem time, I think I haven’t said anything controversial,” she told the Sun, pointing out that she just used Google to search for “blonde”, “woman” and “Brex” – and found her Instagram account. Hate speech and the theft of two photos have been published by anonymous users.
Usually Bunbury takes pictures with loose pullovers and jeans, saying that this is her preferred “fashion dress code.”
Banbury said she was shocked by strong opposition and hate speech. She reported to the West Yorkshire police that one of the tweets was a death threat and blocked the sender. Since posting her photo, she has received nearly 3,000 favorite support messages from fans and added: “I thought I was independent, but people obviously felt that this extreme bullying was unacceptable.”

Banbury publicly talked about her sexual orientation and was different from the stereotypes of the British Conservative Party’s “old white male” members. She also has a Twitter post about the Tinder experience.

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