Ladies around the world always complain that their partner’s clothes are very boring. Considering the complaints of women, a new underwear brand has put some very sexy bras for men.

Women have many choices in clothing and underwear, such as
These thongs feature Brazilian and Bridget Jones-style trousers with no shoulder straps, multi-directional and water-topped chest. Although men only have boxers or panties.
Homme Mystere is a brand that sells underwear, and now they have launched a new collection for men.

They are now selling lace bras and matching shorts for men who feel they need to wear a dress that will make their lives more vivid and make them look more sexy on the bed.
Men’s underwear collection includes silk pajamas, baby dolls and tights.
The bras they introduced did not actually have a specific cup size.
These bras are quite cushioned for the comfort of the customer.

A survey conducted to guess the popularity of a product shows that not only men, but women also like to see men wearing pants.
When discussing the product, a woman said that she was very impressed with this and she and her guys would pass this trend.
Another lady said she can now go shopping with her partner.