With Heidi Krum, Gisele Bundchen, Miranda, and so on, the angel is always in the media to show proud of the body.

As well as with the Victoria’s Secret store in the major first-tier cities gradually increase, especially the annual Victoria show. This classic and sexy brand more and more fire.

Victoria’s Secret 丨 Brand History
Victoria’s secret is a subsidiary of the United States well-known high-end clothing manufacturer Limited Brands Group brand.

1977 years. Founder Ray Raymond made his notable name for his store in San Francisco, California. The history of the first Victoria store opened in the Stanford shopping center, which sells underwear, pajamas and women’s home decorations based.

In the Victorian era, the women’s dressing layers are very tight, the secrets of the skirt can naturally inspire people’s curiosity and spy. By virtue of this concept, Raymond hope that their stores and products to reflect the Victorian boudoir scene.

This exquisite and comfortable female shop has been widely welcomed, and quickly increase the mail order directory and three stores. The store not only serves as a major consumer of women, but also aims to create a comfortable shopping environment for men. Wooden walls, full of Victorian flavor, and helpful shopping guide.

Different from the shelf covered with a variety of code number of bra and underwear ordinary underwear shop, the store will be a variety of style style, complete sets of underwear, dotted on the wall. Men just choose according to the style, and then by the Purchasing Guide to help choose the right size, in the background inventory to take the finished product can be.

By 1982, after five years of operation, Raymond sold his three stores and related products to the company that had just been listed, and The Limited has maintained a personalized image of the product, The mystery and the sense of noble shape to provide space.

Victoria in the 80’s rapid expansion to the major cities in the United States. The Limited will expand its business scope to other products such as shoes, evening wear, perfume and so on. In the early 1990s, Victoria became the nation’s largest, more than $ 1 billion women’s underwear retailer.

Victoria’s Secret 丨 Brand Culture
In the beginning of the name of Raymond, Victoria’s secret this brand will undoubtedly succeed in the first foot, as a female underwear brand, the name of the descendants of the infinite reverie, for the product of the mystery and noble sense Shaping provides space, become synonymous with mystery, charm, luxury, connivance.

President Grace Nichols described Victoria’s Secret as “a lifestyle business”, and she said: “We give the customer is: charm, beauty, fashion and romance. We know what fashion is most suitable for women’s physical and emotional needs.

Victoria’s secrets lead not only fashion, but also a way of life, Victoria’s secret brand has been advocating “piercing your lines, piercing your charm, wear clothing belongs to you a secret landscape.”

As all the show show, Victoria’s secret for the definition of sexy glamor has long been clear, sexy is her pronoun, she is not only the United States, it is the world’s leading lingerie, her elegant, warm, provocative In the booth on the impact of the world’s three billion female population “inner aesthetics”, but also in perfume, accessories, cosmetics and other areas emit people can not resist the charm. In the United States, more than 1,000 stores are selling sexy lingerie by supermodel endorsement.

Victoria’s Secret 丨 Victoria Catwalk
With Victoria’s secret popularity rising year by year, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show began its annual event since 1990.

This is the secret brand of Victoria-based underwear Oscar catwalk always attract the attention of the world, which brings together the world’s top supermodel and celebrities, and well-known artists singer, combined with music performances, according to the theme of the year and the introduction of different stages design. As if a sexy and beautiful feast.

Victoria’s secret brand as the most vivid spokesperson, the secret angel is undoubtedly the most shining star on the stage. Often a peacekeeping show not only angel members, as well as supermodel, advertising models, conventional supermodel and the recent supermodel and so on.