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Your Sustainable Underwear Starter Pack

We use clothes to express ourselves, but sometimes we wear them under the surface, making us feel the most powerful. This week, UndHER World eliminates taboos in lingerie through personal stories, comprehensive shopping reports, and a closer look at the following.

In the positive transformation, we are beginning to pay more and more attention to where our clothing comes from. From the sustainability practices of our favorite fast fashion brands to the commitment of luxury companies to publicly demonstrate their commitment to creating an environmentally friendly path, the highlights of green fashion have made great strides. But what about our clothes? The underwear and underwear we wear should not be just an afterthought – whether in design or sustainability. If we start to keep our clothing at a higher social and economic standard, then the clothes we wear should be the same. If you are just starting a sustainable shopping trip, then underwear is the ideal starting point for you.

Fortunately, there are a bunch of fresh and lovely (and sexy!) lingerie brands that are checking all the boxes without sacrificing style. Platforms like Instagram make it easier for people to discover them one by one. Because if there is anything we don’t want to look like an afterthought, that’s what we tried to do during the sexy period. Insert a short pause here to add underwear that not only applies to other people’s reminders. Your partner or someone else might benefit from it, but at the end of the day, the best underwear is your choice. The feeling of good feeling comes from its source.
Enjoy sustainable fashion choices that make you look better and feel better (not just one…).

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