The bachelor’s winner took off his underwear and performed a sensual display in a lively skincare advertisement.


As a social media influencer and brand ambassador, she became a profitable sideline on reality TV.


This week, Anna Heinrich decided to replace her usual sponsored selfies with sexier ones, starring in a commercial advertisement for a pharmacy skincare brand.


In commercials, the 31-year-old took off his bra and panties before going to bed and squirmed with a mysterious man, supposedly Tim Robards.


“How do you feel about your daily life in the morning?” She groaned in another scene before applying a moisturizer to her decorative needle.


“The feeling of touch and smell has the power to transport you…” The social media model writes in the title.


The star whose lawyer became a reality was full of comments after sharing commercials. One fan wrote: “Hey, it makes me feel a little uncomfortable.”


Anna announced that she had signed an ambassador for the brand in February and said that Priceline’s products are both “fair and effective.”


In June, the blonde married Tim Robards at a luxurious Italian ceremony.


The couple met in the first season of the 2013 bachelor.


Anna is now preparing for her next reality TV company, as Kyle Sandilands’ new celebrity court show, and try Kyle’s official camera lawyer.


The show was announced as part of the Tenth Channel Pilot Week and is expected to air sometime this year.