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Carole Radziwill prefers to wear naked underwear.

“Men don’t care,” 55-year-old real housewives in New York told Page Six at a party celebrating Evine After Dark in Goldbar, New York, a home-selling program selling sex toys. “I used to have a big underwear competition,” she continued. “But men don’t care. I think they just want you to be naked.”

Radziwill is known for his talent for theatre fashion, and he still appreciates the art of dressing.

“I like a little dress,” she said. “I like sexy bras or underwear. I used to wear stockings with slings and garters, and they are great. It’s not like a sexy night or anything, but when you wear them, you feel extra Fashionable because no one knows. This is a fun, sexy thing, you only know.”

The real star, who won’t return in the next season’s “RHONY”, was recently associated with 33-year-old chef Adam Kenworthy, but earlier this year they broke up after a conversation full of discussions. show.

Although Radziwill seems to have given up most of her underwear, she is still a big fan of sex toys.

The author says she always presents other Housewives Lelo luxury vibrators ($103) to Secret Santa. Sonja Morgan even puts her gift in the dishwasher in an iconic scene in this series. “We didn’t talk about it later, what they did or didn’t do – maybe they gave them back, I don’t know,” Radziwill said.


“But every time is the best secret Santa gift.”

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