Lou Stoppard said that a new generation of underwear brands are catering to curves and coats of arms, sagging belly and six packs, love handles and super fupas.
Speaking of her little person, what does the “wake up” woman wear? Although the ready-to-wear market has promoted its political connotation, as the brand continues to explain to customers how the coat is empowered, and the eye cream is the ideal choice for feminists, the underwear market is lagging behind in diversity, inclusiveness And meaningful physical enthusiasm.
In fact, underwear and mega glasses that make up large lingerie shows – Victoria’s secret show has about 1.4 billion viewers per year in 192 countries – despite being influenced by #, it still insists on using proven formulas. MeToo and Times Up. Where is Phoebe Philo in the underwear world, what is the chic woman thinking? Who makes underwear for ‘hate women’? Pantsuit country? Who will put on the kitten when they get back?
Enter Rihanna. Not satisfied with just inciting a beauty market that seems to be working to ignore non-white women, she is now preparing for our underwear drawers. She found that the gap in the underwear market is not equal to the preference of women and the choice of berry, starting at 5 in the morning to go to the gym. Her Savage x Fenty show during New York Fashion Week is a festival full of skin colors. There are curves and stretch marks, drooping belly and six outfits, love handles and super ‘fupas’ (again thanks to Beyoncé) and huge pregnant belly – model Slick Woods later revealed that her work started when she walked on the hood of the hood And elastic harness.
The eclectic staff is actor by Samuel Ellis Scheinman. “The Savage X Fenty program has just begun. I can already say that this underwear brand will launch Victoria’s Secret’s ass. Excellent sports women, no silly headpieces or diamond bras. The series will be available online at the end of the show,” Christina Binkley said on Twitter.
“The show is very lively. We are all semi-naked skin, bones, curls, curves, scars and stretch marks, 100% made available to the whole world. With confidence, strength and unity, we can apologize ourselves,” The fabulous shaved model Jazzelle Zanaughtti said she wore a green underwear suit, a tribute to her performance of the lime puff. “As far as I am concerned, I usually don’t really like to perform, they always make me feel that I have to wear a face and a walk that is not like me. But this is so special because I feel like me. Everyone is so different, everyone looks equally amazing. Most of the time, fashion, diversity feels more like reaching quotas. But this show is different: it is organic, it comes from a place of love.”
Savage x Fenty also came up with the answer to a difficult question: how does fashion become “sexy” in an era when women are increasingly being objectified and harassed. Rihanna understands that the answer is not as simple as modesty – after all, she is one of the most confident women in the music industry – not just the world. (Remember, she once sang: “No high heels, no shirts, no skirts, all I have is skin.”) However, she seems to have a more detailed grasp of the slippery concept of empowerment and choice than other executives. Underwear, advertising and publishing.
For example, Rihanna understands that our current market and hot ideals are determined by years of male-dominated expectations that make women attractive. Those so-called sexy signifiers – breasts, tramps, long limbs, slim body, flat belly, long hair – are male preferences. Rihanna is playing the ideals of these builds, so the pregnant belly, the curvaceous form, the blurry dance movements – are far removed from the cheerleaders and kisses we saw on other lingerie tracks.