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After 20 years and 18 runways with one of the world’s largest lingerie companies, Adriana Lima finally hangs her Victoria’s secret angel wings. Earlier this week, Victoria’s secret fashion show in 2018 was held in New York City, marking Lima’s final walk on the VS runway. After the show, fellow model and angel Jasmine Tookes took Instagram to pay tribute to the Brazilian blockbuster.

According to a report by InStyle, Lima made its debut at the VS runway at the age of 18 and quickly became the company’s most valuable angel. In 2016, Business Insider reported that the model earned $10.5 million in revenue, making her the highest-paid angel of the year.
Her “most valuable” status was recently calculated by analyst firm D’Marie in 2017.
The company explained: “We have developed an algorithm that can generate more than 24 specific metrics from each social media platform to determine an individual’s ranking in various categories.”

The 37-year-old supermodel will definitely be ignored by fans and angels. On Thursday, November 8, when she closed the show, Tookes took a photo at the last moment of Lit. In the photo, Lima wore a transparent top, metallic sequins with a light silver-gray bra and panties. In the title of the photo, Tookes thanked Lima for making her feel welcome.

“My first VS job was actually with her, no matter who I am, how new I am, she made me feel so unpopular???? I wrote that I have never even been a million years old. Share a runway with the queen.
Tookes also pointed out that Lima has been a source of inspiration throughout her career and has prompted her to decide to collaborate with Victoria.

Lima also posted a note on her own Instagram with a video compilation of her time with the lingerie giant.

While talking to people, Lima teased her upcoming project. The model said she is looking forward to supporting a career that empowers women and empowers women. But for now, Lima is celebrating with her family. The Daily Mail posted photos in her Instagram story showing Lima and her two daughters enjoying a cake night in Greenwich Village.

It’s unclear whether Lima will completely retire from the model, but the fans just have to wait and see what the Brazilian-born beauty will do next.

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