Have you never understood why your wardrobe was packed to the brim but, miraculously, it seems like you still have nothing to wear on several occasions? Why, amid all the garments hanging in our wardrobes, do we wear the same few outfits time and time again? In all other aspects of our lives, our dressing preferences follow the concept of Pareto-colloquially known as the law of 80/20. Science indicates that the three main reasons we mainly wear a fifth of the items we own: justifying a purchase because the item is on offer, the garment suits the person we would like to be rather than the individual we are authentically, or we miss a significant product defect in the euphoria of our shoppers. A survey by Weight Watchers showed, according to the Guardian, that women collectively store £10bn worth of unworn clothing in the United Kingdom. It appears from the facts that we are packing our wardrobes with far too many things out of emotional necessity.

If we keep clothes and accessories that we are not wearing for nostalgia, motivational purposes such as potential weight loss or aspirational purposes, saving an object in hopes of wearing it for a special event in the future or fitting the picture of our future self, it seems like it is almost difficult not to detach our feelings from the items we purchase.

Long Sleeve Lace Top

Picking the right basic long sleeved top such as this Long Sleeve Lace Top from Other Stories is easy. You just need to pick the right size for you and the one that complements your jeans perhaps. It should be aesthetically pleasing and very comfortable for you.

Gathered Long Sleeve Top

If you need a classy long – sleeved top this Gathered Long Sleeve Top From Other Stories would be perfect and suitable to your needs.

Long Sleeve Turtleneck Top

When it comes to styling printed long – sleeve tops. You have to find something that is not too tight or not too loose so that the prints pattern are seamless into view. Check out this lovely Black Long – Sleeve Turtleneck Top from Other Stories.