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If you think white jeans are only for summer wear, then you are not right. You can create amazing looks wearing white jeans during the winter season. They pair perfectly with your favorite sweaters and coats and help you create warm and trendy outfits. Here are some style ideas on how to wear white jeans during the cold days.


Layering is what adds additional comfort and extra warmth to your look. Wear your white bottoms with cozy sweaters and put on a vintage coat, leather jacket, fur or teddy coat. Basically, white jeans go well with almost anything, and there are various ways to make great winter outfits with them. If you want to stick to the classics wear white skinny jeans, a neutral crewneck sweater, a coat, and black boots. Another outfit idea is to use your white denim as a base and mix different shades of white and camel. For example if you’re wearing a cream top, put on a tan coat, and brown knee-high boots. In this way you’ll get an effortlessly chic winter look.


Nothing looks more fresh than white jeans styled with exaggerated sweater or heavy flannel shirt, paired with ankle-boots. Pairing your white jeans with a cozy sweater for an easy outfit is the formula that will keep you warm and fashionable at the same time.


Style your white jeans with other monochromatic pieces and complete the look by adding a dash of color in shape of an accessorie. Add a scarf in some bright color like yellow or orange, or you can go for some colorful print. Another way to add a pop of color is to wear a bag in some bold shade.


When you need a little extra coziness, wear a turtleneck with a knit cardigan on top for a simple and classic look. You can wear this outfit in multiple occasions. For example to the office, a coffee date with friends etc. Turtleneck is alright the right choice for winter. Instead of bright and pastel colors better of opt for navy, gray or a black one, and if you want to add some color you can do it with details.


White sneakers, the easy shoes are still stylish in winter. Make a monochrome ensemble with skinny white jeans and white sneakers, and complete your look with a white sweater to keep you warm. Add some black or beige details to spice up a bit.

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