What’s in a pullover? Each fall, I get so excited about wearing them. When tugging at the sleeves of that sweater and nodding at dropping leaves, I picture myself drinking a maple spice latte or whatever the soothing beverage du jour is, thinking to myself: Ah, renewal! The start of a new season!

In this feeling of regeneration, the sweater plays a vital supporting function, but by the time winter rolls around, which it always does, I recall that I dislike sweaters, and I feel so… unremarkable when I simply pair them with jeans. And maybe I’m unremarkable, but my clothes can at least trick me into thinking otherwise!

When I try you know, believe otherwise to do that and match chunky sweaters with skirts and sequins and dresses and dramatic trousers, I remember the absurdity of pressing themselves into tiny spaces, turning me, the wearer, into something of an abominable snowman.

By the end of the season, every year, I think I have finally cracked the code on wearing sweaters, but the next fall season comes around and the trendy drink finds my fingertips and I think I’m excited to be wearing a sweater until bam, I hate them again. Laure Hériard Dubreuil, owner of the insanely fancy and super-kül design shop, The Webster, shows me how she wears her favorite sweater, a striped cashmere number from the Barrie brand, to train me away from this ridiculous hamster spiral. Here’s a fun fact about Barrie: it’s owned by Chanel and is actually part of the reason the brand displayed its Pre-Fall collection in 2012 in Edinburgh, where the cashmere business started. But back to THE Jacket, I digress!

As a fan of unconditional stripes, I find it so easy to style this sweater. To every look, it can add some ‘Frenchness’ [spoiler: she’s French, which makes it fitting to say such a thing], and the sleeve is so unique on this particular piece from Barrie. They’re seasonless. I wanted to be relaxed because of this look. One of my go-to looks is denim and sneakers when I wear statement tops like this one.

The kind of look is everywhere. A signature preference of mine is matching knits with skirts and heels. During NYFW or maybe attending an art opening, this dress is so perfect to wear. An Opening for Art! Just fancy.