Overflowing lingerie drawer is the story of every woman. Besides owning some sexy and beautiful lingerie, a woman’s drawer must also be full of different types and styles of shapewear. Shapewear is one of the necessary must have clothing item today. Not only do these shapewears lift you in all the right places, they also make a seamless and smooth base for a more fitted and comfortable outer wear. For that you will need the best full body shapewear, that will give you the perfect hourglass figure. But if you are new to the world of shapewear, let me tell you how a shapewear works!  

Shapewear is basically an undergarment also called foundation garment that women wear to look slimmer with a more defined silhouette. These shapewears are made with strong and stretchy fabric that helps to compress the extra fat and bulge to make you look slim and in shape. There are other type of waist trainers and waist cinchers that women wear under their regular clothing and while working out. While there are various types and styles of shapewear available, that specifically target specific problem areas, we recommend a full body shapewear for special occasions and if you are looking for smoothing your whole body. That includes the tummy, thighs, love handles, waist and even arms. In this post we want to share some of the best full body shapewear that are just fabulous.

The stretchy fabric of the full body shapewear with triple layer on the tummy area, flattens your tummy and smooths the waist. We like that this shapewear reaches all the way to the thighs to keep the jiggles under control. You know what I mean.

This seamless full body shapewear gives a firm control in all areas and gives that firmer and slimmer look instantly. This shapewear is great under different tight-fitting dresses.

The bodysuit is practically undetectable under any outfit. The moisture absorbing fabric keeps you cool and comfortable during hot weather.

The crotchless and under bust design covers the required area and is helpful in toilet breaks. This one also allows you wear your bra and does not give the look of bra bulge at the back. The neoprene waist trainers on the other hand help to reduce your weight while you are working out.

Our preference is always the full body shapewear as it works on your whole body. There is different shapewear that target specific areas of concern, but a comfortable full body shapewear will give you the overall slimming effect. We also like the layers of fabric in the right places to hold everything firmly.

The latest and unique design of this full body shapewear is one of the best. The bust lifting and curve creating style will instantly give you the hourglass figure, while firmly holding the tummy and waist in place. The thin stretchy fabric is undetectable under your regular clothing.

These are some of the best full body shapewear that is perfect and comfortable to wear. It will take care of compression in right places to enhance your curves.