The Sculptshe plus size latex waist trainer is ideal for those who want immediate results, as it shapes and sharpens the silhouette, reduces abdominal measurements, and disguises localized fat and flabbiness. And best of all, don’t tag under your clothes.

Developed in high quality raw material, it has long lasting resistance and an amazing ability to stretch and return to normal in a surprising way. If you are looking for a plus size waist trainer with a 100% latex core, which, in addition to compressing the abdomen and waist, helps in burning fat and reducing actual measurements, then continue reading the article on this product and see how fantastic it is.

It can be used by women in the postpartum period, in day to day activities, at work, at the gym, outdoor activities, or even at a party. And because its core is 100% latex, this strap is waterproof. The possibility of it being soaked during its use is practically zero.

High Compression

It provides a high compression in the abdomen without causing discomfort, and best shapewear for tummy pressure can be adjusted in three levels of brackets, produced in stainless steel.

In addition to the brackets, this belt has a zipper that closes on the brackets, thus providing greater security and discretion to the product. In addition, it uses stainless steel fins. Where steel fins have an incredible ability to return to their original state before use. They prevent the waist trainer plus size from rolling, in addition to following the curves of the body for greater support.

This strap is available in several different sizes, serving a wide variety of profiles. Therefore, choose the most appropriate size for you.


  • Immediately reduces and shapes the waist line;
  • Corrects posture;
  • Recommended daily use time: up to 08 hours (as long as the adjustments / tightening does not cause discomfort);
  • For best results requires continuous use, a balanced diet and physical exercise, until you reach your goals.

Why use it?

The Sculptshe plus size latex waist trainer, different from the bodices, is a piece of both women’s clothing and men’s clothing and its main functions are to assist in postural correction, reduce measurements and shape the body, especially the waist region, providing satisfaction and improvement of self-esteem.

In the past, its common use was more focused on women in the postpartum period and also after certain plastic surgeries. The waist trainer is currently used by anyone and is part of the accessories even of celebrities and celebrities, who seek to give a better appearance to your body.

They can be used on several occasions, such as at home, at work, while walking, practicing physical activities, shopping, among others. Its recommended use is up to 08 hours as long as the adjustment / tightening will be done properly, that is, that it does not bring discomfort.