Magazines are playing a significant role in the fashion world. They serve as a standard-setter of beauty which inspires most people to look the best that they can be. What you see in the pages of the magazines may influence your wants and your style. In a way, you may have created a model in your mind that you can look up to, especially in the line of fashion.

Magazines are where most people go to check what is trending when it comes to wardrobes. Now that the winter season is here, coats are all over the place, and you probably want to look your best wearing fashionable coats this season. And by “best,” it means magazine-style best. Here’s how:

Consider the color

Most times, the color of the coats that people wear is different from the clothes they wear underneath. But magazine style has this silly trick, they sometimes approve of the monotonous color, and it looks good. So, if you wear a brown coat, you can stick with a brown shirt, or a lighter shade of it would do.

Sometimes, not putting too much thought into your style could create a different impact on one’s impression of you.

Know the black magic

It’s an old trick in the fashion world to wear something black. Experts say that when you wear black, you will look slimmer. Science has recently explained that it is because of the way the eyes see the colors. The lighter the shade of something, the bigger the eyes see it. Meanwhile, the eyes see something as it is when it is dark.

The slimming effect is one of the reasons why most magazines use it in fashion. Also, it creates a sense of elegance when one wears black, as you can pair it with almost any color.

Be more feminine

It is a courageous thing to add extra femininity to your style in a world dominated by masculinity. Play with lighter shades of sweet colors such as sky blue or pink or anything pastel. Never think that the feminine style is too lame or too weak to go in your fashion.

Pose with pockets.

If you want to achieve the magazine-style effect when wearing a coat, you must appear like you are not trying hard to do it. It means you must walk or stand as if you do not care about anything at all. Hence, the pockets in your coats. 

Walking with your hands in your side pocket sends a chill vibe, like everything is under control, or probably not; you just do not care.

Go with the fierce look

Most magazines show the fierce side of every model. You can also do that when wearing a coat. With your boots and a long princess-type one, you can be a fashion warrior. Another factor that can add to the fierceness of your look is the shade of color black or gray. So, if you aim to get that magazine-style fierce this winter, pick those colors for your coat.

Magazines are truly a significant influence for most of the people who love fashion. They have been a trend-setter for a long time until now. Although, it’s all up to you if you take fashion to inspire you or pressure you to follow the trend.