It is no secret that aging is not something we can avoid. Most people dream of age gracefully and will do everything we can to put if off for as long as possible. Besides genetics, many factors play a role in aging us, like the exposure to the sun, the food we eat, the skincare routine we follow and our sleeping pattern. If you are already following these steps but would like to know some fashion tips on how to knock off some years in your appearance, well you are in luck. Ahead are some tips that will have you looking 10 years younger or even more, in an instant.

Style Tips To Look 10 Years Younger

Sit back and scroll through for tips to shave off years and evaluate your wardrobe.

1. Find The Perfect Denim

Denim is refreshing and should make you look and feel young. Choose mid-rise jeans in a darker blue wash and slimming tummy panels. You can also go for the ‘push-up’ rear jeans and you won’t go wrong. Some denim can make you look a dress size smaller too. Your best bet would be a slim-fitting jean that is stretchable. If you have a pear shape body, choose a slightly flare pair.  For those with athletic and apple shape, slim or skinny fits are a good choice. Though boyfriend jeans may be trending but it can also make you look older.

THE ROW Lesley mid-rise straight jeans
THE ROW Lesley mid-rise straight jeans

2. Wear The Right Heel

Wearing heels will make you look confident but it can also be uncomfortable. However, it does not have to be that way. If you choose a mid-height heel, you can have all the benefits without being uncomfortable. Choose a statement kitten heel or block heel.

3. Go Ahead And Make A Statement

Statement jewelry does not make you look old. Avoid heirloom-style jewelry and oversized pearls.  Instead, go for sleek, modern styles in interesting shapes. Wear a statement necklace over a little black dress or plain T-shirt for an effortless vibe. Adding one fashionable piece to a classic outfit is the trick.

4. Change Your Hairstyle

Having dark hair against a light scalp can make thinning more visible. This can cast shadows on your skin and make the wrinkles more pronounced. Try two or three shades lighter with permanent color or highlights around the face.  Another way it to experiment with bangs.  They can make people look younger. Do make sure that the bangs are full and reach the center of your brows.