It’s 2022, and things seem to be looking good in regards to the pandemic. A lot more people are getting vaccinations and booster shots, which is why more people feel less scared to go out, go to the office, and be more outgoing. In turn, more people are wearing actual shoes! Can you believe it?

Almost two years ago, we had to go on lockdowns and stay at home the majority of the time. Whether you were wearing slippers or no footwear at all for the last two years, it’s probably time to go shoe shopping with these six cute pairs of sneakers!

Embroidered Floral Kicks

Women’s Keds x Rifle Paper Co. Triple Kick Citrus Garden Party

When he leaves and flowers are starting to wither, be the bloom that will brighten the vibe with Ked’s collaboration with Rifle Paper Co.

This pair of kicks is a special collaboration featuring bright embroidered flowers, Softerra footbed, and canvas lining.

Aesthetic and Warm

Like the warm tones of autumn, match it with aesthetic browns of this Rowan shoes. Featuring soft hues, solid brown outer sole, and tie-up design, this pair of shoes will match your cozy sweater outfits.

Sparkly Sneakers

When the leaves are falling, let your outfit sparkle and complement the cozy weather. This pair of Keds’ shoes is in collaboration with Kate Spade, a designer brand known for their lovely and feminine styles.

This sparkly shoes is the perfect assimilation of both brands, and fully embodies what each brand represents. One of the cutest pairs of shoes you can own with its adorable sparkles and signature Keds shoe style, you can get lot of use with this pair.

Fancy Tory Burch Trainers

Going out for a quick run, or playing tennis with you friend? Jogging, playing sports, and walking your dog has never been more stylish than wearing a pair of Tory Burch trainers.

This Good Luck Trainer Sneaker features a chunky sole, soft and warm autumn colors, and lace-up design.

Good Luck Trainer Sneaker

Converse Statement Shoes

When you think of Converse, you would normally associate this brand with high-top sneakers and fun designs.

True to their brand, they have recently released this heightened platform shoes which has spikes-like design for its outer soles. This fresh look gives off a modern and edgy take for Converse.

Run Star Motion Platform Seasonal Color

Run Star Motion Platform Seasonal Color

Nike Air Force 1 in Particle Beige

For thos who love collecting shoes, the Nike Air Force 1’s are not new to you but rather you’ve probably been wanting to get a pair for your personal use.

The classic swoosh Nike sign, heightened soles, and sleek-looking design makes it a favorite among models and celebrities to wear for their street-style outfits.

Nike Air Force 1 Pixel

Women’s Shoe

Your old shoes have probably worn out due to not being used as much. These lovely and cute pairs of shoes will rebuild your style capsule so that you’re always looking fabulous no matter where you go!