There are many reasons why people join the gym or classes but that is not an essential thing to do in order to get fit. There are many home workouts to get in shape without stepping foot into a fitness studio. There are equipment-free exercises to high-intensity cardio routines that can get your heart pumping without the use of a treadmill. The options are limitless.

Keeping fit improves our health. There are many benefits to look forward to when we start working out. It promotes better mood, and better mental health, reduces the risk of chronic disease, slows the aging process and more. Whether you want to save time or are just not a gym person, here are some ways that will allow you to keep fit on your own time at home.

Strength and cardio exercise in the morning

A morning workout can be an energizing start to a busy day. A strength and cardio circuit workout before your breakfast will set you on the right foot. A minute of push-ups, one minute of planking and then one minute of squats, and repeat these exercises three times. Or you can even sub in your favorite exercises like bicycle crunches for your core move and jump squats for your lower-body move.

Seven-minute cardio routine

Grab a jump rope and perform a seven-minute cardio routine.


Tabata Workout

You can get sweaty with a Tabata workout to burn fat in a short amount of time. There are many Tabata workouts on Youtube that you can follow.

Drink Lots Of Water

Besides workout out, one of the best exercises to stay fit and healthy is to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Water is highly important for our bodies and health. Every cell and tissues in our bodies need water to function properly.

Include Vegetables and Fruit Into Your Diet

Fruits and vegetables have high water content and can should be incorporated into your diet. Having a healthy diet is another way to stay fit and healthy naturally.

Incorporate Self-Care Into Your Exercise Routine

You probably ask how does self care have anything to do with staying fit and healthy? Self care helps to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself and this will lead to a positive affect on your health. Having ‘me’ time is self-care that can help to release stress.  Taking time out just for yourself will help to make you feel and function better. Many people tend to forget about this as we get tired from working all day and do not have enough time for self-care. Some other self-care steps are getting more sleep and finding ways to do things that make you happy.

By following these tips, you will be able to live a healthier and happier life.