If you are living and breathing fashionista, you need to keep track of what needs to be prioritized and what needs to be shelved. The fashion world is a tornado which keeps on changing with new styles added and others vanished like puff in air.

Styles come and go, one day skinny jeans are the coolest thing every, the other day they are a tacky fit. That is how fast trends change. Everyone loves to follow trend and need to update their wearing and living standards. If you are in this marathon of fashion and want to know the what’s churning in the style mills, you have landed at the right page. Be the celebrity of your own self by acing these trends in the upcoming 2024.


Bow knots looked beautiful one dresses and accessories in every time. They are the classics of the 3D styles itched onto outfits and accessories. 2024 looks like the revival of bows in the fashion world. The old ones might still be in your wardrobe but these new bows are the fusion of modernity and classics.

You can wear a bow-centered dresses and be a 10/10 without going too overboard. Two tone colored dress with a bow in between or a solid-colored dress contrasting a bow does the job pretty well too. You can wear this type of dress to a wedding and a kitty party too. It is universal and cute. Brands like Zara and Ted Baker are known for styling bows in their brand.

Huge Bags

Enough of the small bags trend, 2024 is going to bring you mega bags. These mega bags are going to act as a house to put in all your needs on the go. Let it me a charger, phone or a small water bottle, these bags can house all of these.

The huge bags can go with every look from airport to casual grocery run. Designers like Tory Burch and STAUD have included huge bags in their collections to give style inspiration.

Polished Prepping

Prepped and primed dresses always look decent. The sober styled dresses are back while casuals are given a pushback in the fashion industry. The proper styled collar shirts, polos, pant suits and pleated skirts are the new cool in the upcoming year.

Quiet Luxury

Solid colors and plain dresses are the new trend in 2024. Look fashionable in dresses that look expensive than they are. The minimal celebrity style fashion is going to live up to 2024. Bling and glitters are a miss this 2024, high-quality fabrics and tailoring are good this upcoming year.

Brands like Zara and Bulgari are the epitome of quiet luxury. Go solid and trendy in your dresses to look beautiful.

Styled served! Follow these trends to ace your looks in year 2024. We are all very excited.