Anna Bella’s fine lingerie opened in Alpharetta

Alfaretta, Georgia, USA – Anna Bella Fine Lingerie is an lingerie boutique recently re-opened in the heart of Alpharetta by the prestigious Best of Intima Awards, the “Best Underwear Shop in the United States”. The boutique is owned locally by Pam McKinzie and is now located at 325 Market St.

One factor in the decision to relocate Annabella to downtown Alpharetta was the opportunity to become a member of the community.

“The city of Alpharetta is perfect for us,” McGinsey said. “We want to really connect with our customers because we strive to be a living resource for women of all ages and sizes. We also like to work with men looking for special things, but I don’t know where Annabella’s atmosphere is friendly, no threat, we Very happy to make suggestions.

“We also look forward to connecting with people outside our region during the event. Once we work with our clients, we can continue to maintain this relationship through our online store. This is especially important for bra accessories. We have a lot of our regular Delivered to customers outside the city. They can view the product online and know that we can just make a selection suggestion by calling.”
“Annabella is a one-of-a-kind store,” said Morris and researcher president Cherim Morris. “I am very happy that their award-winning shopping experience is part of the city centre.”

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