New underwear brand is changing the size of the bra

The probability that you are currently buying and wearing the wrong bra size is high. By default, your current bra is probably not as comfortable as you are trying to convince yourself. Many women still wear the same bra size that they found on the day they graduated from the training bra. What we often don’t remember is that our body (naturally) changes every day, and our bust measurements fade and flow as the breast grows and shrinks.
For many years, women have become a standardized bra, regardless of natural features – such as the chest to the side, the larger female with a larger breast, or a larger breast than the other. For Abby Morgan and Lauren Cohan, the founder behind the new lingerie brand CUUP is enough. The industry has long insisted on the wrong size adjustment method. On most things (don’t forget to vote!), women should be better represented.
Morgan and Cohan met when they worked for Free People, and soon discovered what they needed to explore and tell Cohan to describe the “real human story.” This common emotion and compassion – after all, Cohan has a background in visual director and storytelling – and ultimately develops into a brand idea that the brand can be integrated into one of the must-have and humane clothing items: underwear. What is more real than the almost universal underwear, which is the daily experience shared by billions of women in the world?
There are a lot of bra brands trying to bridge the gaps in the underwear industry, so what makes CUUP so different? For beginners, they are changing the way women wear bra sizes. The main task of the co-founder is to change the dialogue around the image of women. Morgan explained, “We want to eliminate the perception of scale and re-direct this idea about female sex.” In 2018, the A and D cups did not have the same “small” and “big” stigma they used to. In fact, according to statistics provided by CUUP, 66% of women in the United States wear D cups or more. Cohan entered the bra herself and found that she was actually a 30E, regardless of the size of the thinnest frame. But the worst thing she found during the renovation was to be told that they didn’t carry her new size. Cohan shared, “If I have these feelings, I can’t be the only feeling.” CUUP is changing its bra, including familiar size labels, while taking into account the natural fit of the breast: from fullness to height, how far apart They are sitting on your chest.
As for the second task of CUUP, it is marketing. The underwear industry is in trouble because it strives to define and achieve an ideal customer base. We’ve seen the era of push-up bras catering to Christmas gifts, the era of photography to eliminate nipples, because marketers believe that realism won’t sell, and that women who are thin women wearing sexy lingerie all cover the size of slings. Ultimately, women want comfort, testimony, equality and anatomical reality in their products.
But goodwill alone does not create good products. For CUUP, the challenge is to find creators, manufacturers and experienced assemblers who are willing to adjust their processes. Manufacturing bras is surprisingly complex: existing industry standards have not been challenged, making it difficult for brands to make more than 20 sizes. The co-founder explained, “Most bra designers are starting to design bras at 34B and start working. We started with 34E.” In two years, they used a real fit mechanism that broke all technical design features. (such as the thickness of the tape), and discussed which mathematical equations ensure that the size grows proportionally. The absolute priority of CUUP is to create a final product that is consistent across all sizes.
As for the quality of the bra, this writer has adapted to her own suit, I am undoubtedly a fan. Although I am happy to report that I am not too far into the size of my bra, I found that a more comfortable fit has liberated my natural chest shape. (The cup I have been cursing has a big gap between the fabric and the chest). Women are not suitable for wearing bras that are not fit for a long time. It is time to give a more representative new person a chance to be hospitable.

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