fishnets may be an old trend, yet they still stick around for one reason, they are easy to style. Fishnets seem to go with any type of outfit you make, creating different outfit options (each with its own creativity), which a lot of people enjoy. In this article, we are going to be sharing the best ways to style fishnets!

Great Ways To Style Fishnets:

Dresses and Skirts

Fishnets with dresses and skirts have been used for multiple years, and still will be as this style creates a bold look, and bold looks are the trends these days. You can style this outfit by wearing a pair of fishnets with a black velvet mini-dress or if you want a more grunge type look, you can pair a tank top with a jacket, a chequered skirt and fishnets.


Fishnets when they are styled with jeans or pants create a casual and young look, adding a hint of retroness to a basic outfit. You could pair fishnets over ripped jeans, so through the torn part of the jeans, the fishnets are noticeable. This look is very nostalgic and old for some people, but that is because they picture this outfit the way people wore it in the 1900’s.


It may seem that fishnets could never be worn at formal occasions, but actually fishnets can be included in formal events to add a touch of elegance and vibrance. Most people wear fishnets with a formally tailored mini-dress and coat, or with blazers and suits and a belt. These types of outfits also stick out as not many people have the creativity to create looks like this.


Layering your fishnets can actually make them more fashionable and add more texture to the outfit, making it a bold and loud look. When people layer fishnets, they either layer 2 pairs of ripped fishnets on top of each other, or they wear fishnets under their tops. Both of these looks are fashionable and very trendy these days due to the creativity put into this look.

Street Style

Everyone must know that street style is one of the most popular style trends of the previous years and this year too, so adding street style and fishnets together isn’t a very uncommon thing. People usually pair graphic shirts or oversized hoodies with fishnets, making some of it slightly gothic but not too much.


Even if fishnets are easy to style with every outfit, there are certain pieces of accessories that create a better look. These accessories include gloves, bags, chains, rings, chunky boots, belts and other accessories that are grungy as these types of things make the look more bold and retro.

Fishnets are a very strong and bold clothing item, that is why we believe that you must try out these styles as these are definitely the trend these days and you don’t want to miss it! We hope this article was helpful for you!