Girls after puberty, will gradually grow up into a mature woman. In different stages of life, girls close friends – underwear, the choice is also different. If the girls wear women’s underwear in advance, not only feel uncomfortable to wear, but also affect the development. Has been adult, if you still wear girls underwear, chest support may be enough capacity. So the babies need to know that girls and women’s underwear, there are these different!

Steel ring
Development of the girls more sensitive to the chest, but also in the development of the time is not suitable for premature fixed chest type. Therefore, most of the girls underwear is no steel ring, or soft steel ring, but also lined with sponge. The adult bra, need to prevent the chest sagging, fixed chest type, play to adjust the posture and fleshy role, so most of the time need to wear underwear with steel ring.

Girls underwear cups are relatively small, shallow, and adult cups are relatively large and deep. If it is adolescent girls to buy underwear, generally can not fully refer to the adult A cup, B cup, C cup … … size. But to personally try to feel inappropriate, not too tight, nor space, or not play the role of wearing underwear.

Girl’s underwear design is relatively simple, unlike adult underwear that will be additional consideration to receive milk, transfer fat function, the corresponding also less than a few buckle, widen the lower and the side of the design. Girls underwear style will be biased cute, a little more lace, bow, wave point pattern. Women’s underwear is more of the yarn, leopard, and so on the pattern.

Color matching
There are a lot lingerie manufacturer of specialized production and design of girls underwear brand, launched underwear color most of the light, light pink color, such as white, light yellow, purple, light blue, green, light gray and so on. Lively also has pink, cherry red, bright yellow. Woman’s underwear, purple, blue, red, black, etc., unlike the girls underwear most fresh color.