All through the thick pad, the lingerie of the girls know that every day off the moment of the underwear is to return to heaven that moment, the shoulder was very red Le, was the chest to live to breathe, but must everyone Have encountered can not be with them for the embarrassment of underwear problems, today Xiaobian for the majority of women for the benefit, in the face of this summer perspective, deep V, big halter and other evildo a single product, many sister paper that really will not wear The Often clothes have been bought home, but because do not know what to take Bra, and simply idle home! Xiaobian this issue to the depth of the analysis of these evildo cut how the dress with underwear.

One, exposed back section

Everyone wants to Lu Mei back, but also by underwear shaping the perfect chest type. For the choice of underwear is definitely a difficult point, it’s the focus is to let you see! nice! Back! Now a lot of silicone stick on the body of the underwear, tied to the waist underwear, back ties with lower position of the underwear to help us as much as possible to reveal the back.

Second, deep V
Wear deep V installed if the chest is not full, do not wear underwear, out of the effect is flat airfield, sexy no. This time how to wear underwear is particularly important. We have to do is not just to buy a suitable for V-shaped underwear can be resolved, even worse, need to control the extent of underwear care.

No shoulder strap underwear, more scientific and humane, the chest up pulling at the same time, the effective decomposition of the pressure on the shoulder, wear more comfortable, bra longer life. Completely eliminate the chest spill and armpit sub-breast phenomenon, so that the chest is more abundant abundance, wearing more comfortable and stable.

No steel band straps without straps brackets gathered on the care of the anti-skid chest stickers lace the United States back summer chest women underwear. Comfortable care on the chest, chest gather bandage, focus on the chest, no steel ring design is not tied, Embroidery, sweet and abstinence wind together, full of a mysterious girl temptation, very design sense! Remove the shoulder strap or cross the worn. A variety of worn to let you choose!

A large capacity, can be perfectly inclusive chest, is a big chest beauty favorite, cup face light and transparent through the yarn, this section of the body, Bra with high-quality high-soft milk fiber lining, skin-friendly soft and comfortable, so that the chest all day to get as milk-like nourish.

No shoulder strap stealth bra to gather anti-skid non-lingerie women’s beauty brassiere thin breasts wedding dress summer plus wide plus height, and large U US back design, so that women wearing a solid, inclusive back fat, , Strong stability, any occasion free to shake do not have to worry about shoulder straps fall, so how do you want to move on how to move.

This one kind of bare back without bracelet bra, not only has a strong support effect, and the use of skin-friendly silicone rubber, no shoulder With underwear is a harness skirt, Tube Top skirt good partner. Whether it is with a hanging neck T-shirt or bare evening dress, you can make your perfect highlight curve .