Summer one, the word shoulder, harness and halter style everywhere, but there is always an embarrassing situation plagued the crush who: the underwear with the how good, really bother na. Before there is a silicone nubra, but for a long time very uncomfortable, and now let buy buy bacteria to tell you that the market has a shoulder strap underwear, so that we can arbitrarily wear a variety of styles of clothing, comfortable and breathable. Take a look, everyone in accordance with their own needs to take it!

A woman’s wardrobe is never lost that one of the clothes is underwear, and song is the “let the fashion is no longer luxury” as a brand concept, that is, you have the ability to pay for its stylish appearance and unique personality, because it Will not let your purse hurt, can be said to be inexpensive, then what are you waiting for, buy buy buy!

No shoulder strap underwear style full of girls atmosphere, in the details of the dotted with exquisite little lace, blooming with a beautiful years, it is a small fairy’s love, gather the effect is not to, no longer just a temptation, But a beautiful sublimation!

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The new wild invisible bra straps pull rope no trace bra the bride wedding dress silicone underwear dream pull, not Le will not fall, it is the chest of small ghosts of the gospel, because it will not appear empty cup expansion, really people do not heart It is hard!

Pink and lavender color can be lifted to the girl’s heart that root string, and can be disassembled bra bra-style bra is with a word shoulder artifact, to lace embellishment, so that girls more breath, a gathering effect Very good away from the deputy milk, personality and comfortable!

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