Summer, the girls began to busy fitness to lose weight, but weight loss will be reduced, this is like a pot of cold water to lose weight of the girls pour a cool, how to lose weight and not chest it, which became the number of girls Their lifelong goals.

In fact, regardless of chest big chest, chest is the most beautiful tall and straight, tall and straight chest is the best proof of the young, chest fitness will be exposed to your age, and even if your chest is small, but the chest upright in the visual Will feel a big chest, so fitness to maintain a good body at the same time can not ignore the Breast.

1. Yoga plastic breast type

Yoga breast is a safest way without any side effects, and it is particularly good for the whole body plastic, long-term yoga exercise can be tightened chest to prevent sagging, you can also shape fitness Oh ~ let you flare up to perfect Body, yoga more effective breasts posture mountain, snake, arm and so on.

2. Rally to raise the chest

Through the rally can help you pull your chest, and the provisions of the breast shape, so that your chest to keep full. First legs sitting cross-legged, hands with yoga with a balance on the chest, holding the yoga with the shoulder to maintain the same width of the distance, stretching hard to do chest position, yoga with the chest slowly relaxed in situ.

3. Dumbbells are tall and straight chest

Dumbbells can effectively exercise the chest muscles as this will breast, do breath action, knees close together bent, lying on the ground holding the dumbbell arms open and shoulder was a straight line to stretch the chest muscles, arms bent naturally so that the palm up, And then put the arm on the chest merger, the exercise every day to do 15 to 20 times.

4. Body clip character lines

We can use a small body clip to modify the body lines, holding the body clip on the arm like a bird to wings like the same feeling, do not have to calculate how many days a day, you can do in your spare time, but must To adhere.

5. Barbell training chest muscle

Barbell movement can not only exercise the chest muscles and can also exercise to the arm, use a lot, flat bedroom usually used to exercise posture, not only to exercise to the chest arm muscles can exercise to the back muscles, so that the back upright, chest naturally The

6. Essential oil massage to promote chest development

In addition to exercise can breast, the regular massage of the breast can strengthen the pituitary hormone secretion and also promote local blood circulation, can make breast tissue development better. Horizontal and vertical massage the breast of the 10 to 20 times, the essential oil rub in the entire breast above, hands alternating with each other, from around to the nipple to touch a minute.

Do not light blind weight-loss and ignore the chest problems, chest tall and straight is a woman’s beauty, want to chest upright, not a moment, have long to adhere to see the effect, to join the thin body is not thin chest it.