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IT’S the kind of sport you’d look at and say: only in America. Except that the Lingerie Football League, which is literally self-explanatory, has also set up shop in Australia.

It&aposs just as it sounds: hot women in skimpy outfits – and skimpy puts it lightly – masquerading as serious, tough football players in a bastardised version of America&aposs most beloved sport: gridiron.

And the Federal Minister for Sport, Kate Lundy, is certainly no fan, describing it as a “cheap, degrading” perv.

Writing for : “Lingerie Football isn&apost just a distraction it&aposs an assault on sport.

“We can do so much better than LFL. And most importantly, our daughters deserve more.”

Having watched the LFL for, scientific observation, we found it surprising how seriously it&aposs taken. Male commentators treat it with every bit of legitimacy as the NFL.

But Ms Lundy says it&aposs a blight on the Australian sporting landscape to see the LFL launch here, with two exhibition matches scheduled for June.

“The LFL is about giving viewers an opportunity to perv on women in gear that looks like it&aposs come from an adult shop,” she said.

“It&aposs called the Lingerie Football League because it&aposs almost exclusively about the underwear.

“I can&apost abide a spectacle that degrades women and threatens to undermine the progress of women in sport in Australia.”

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