Think of our life, if the parents to accompany our first half of life, her husband and children to accompany us the rest of life, what is the life of our women to accompany it? Then the underwear can be accompanied by our sister’s life faithful girlfriends. For this good friend who appeared in the life since my sister was born, do you really understand?

Do not know what criteria we choose underwear, many people are the size of the right to see Yan value, and we began to wear underwear began to choose, and my mother with the election, and girlfriends together with the election, and her boyfriend. Underwear can help you shape a good body, an inappropriate underwear can also ruin your body. So you really choose underwear?

1. Choose the amount of clothing body

Some women like to buy a small number of underwear, because it feels more like a body, more sexy. But what about you? Long time wearing a tight and narrow bra, will oppress the breast tissue. Long and tight underwear, it will only seriously affect the blood circulation. So wear may easily lead to gynecological diseases. Baby or quickly give up this underwear it, sexy is not by squeeze out!

There are some women in order to comfortable, like to buy a large number of underwear. But too loose bra led to chest sagging, too much underwear is not conducive to shape the shape. So buy underwear according to their own shape, as well as breast development to choose.

2. Material selection

Due to underwear and skin friction more powerful, if you choose chemical fiber underwear may lead to vulvar dermatitis, or the emergence of allergies. So the baby is best to choose cotton underwear, wear not only comfortable, but also play the role of antibacterial. Some babies like to wear lace underwear, such underwear can also be bought, as long as the crotch is cotton can be friends ~
Bra is also the best choice for cotton products is more appropriate. In addition to cotton breasts hygroscopic and good warmth, the cotton bra price is moderate, but the cotton is easy to deformation, and now many new materials is also great. Do not think that bra is only expensive, quality is king.

3. color is very important

Some of the colors in the underwear may cause cancer. If the color of the dye is not strong, the skin will absorb. So when you look at the material to buy Oh ~ light-colored underwear to pay attention to whether there is a fluorescent agent, the harm of additives I believe we all understand that the color of underwear will generally be deeper, dirty and also better with clothes

4. Underwear to wash

Some women work day for a day, go home to commit lazy. Put the underwear thrown in the pot where the bubble, casually rubbing on the finished, or save a bunch of time to wash. These are not possible.

Like to put underwear in the washing machine to wash, to facilitate a convenient way, but this will make the bra deformation, underwear is also easy to stick to the bacteria in the washing machine. So the best underwear or hand wash, the choice of warm water and neutral detergent washing the final rinse with flowing water. Remember to be sure to rinse, so as to extend the life of underwear.

5. Drying is knowledge

Sometimes will find the underwear washed dry after the deformation will be hard, this is due to the direct exposure of underwear reasons. Underwear need to dry in a ventilated place before disinfection in the sun. In addition panties can not turn over the sun, the crotch position will stick to the bacteria.

After the bra lingerie manufacturer wash can not be directly wringed by hand, can only be wrapped with a dry towel squeeze the hand, so that the towel to dry the underwear after the flattened underwear, so the bra is not easy to deformation Oh ~ should not put the shoulder strap, because the water The weight will stretch the shoulder strap.