A New Zealand-based lingerie brand is celebrating women of all shapes and sizes in a stunning new underwear campaign that sees models posing alongside classic marble sculptures.

Lonely Lingerie enlisted photographer and artist Yumna Al-Arashi to shoot models Naomi Shimada, Riya Hamid, and Ayesha McMahon at a classic marble atelier in Carrara, Italy,

Carrara’s marble has been used to sculpt depictions of the female form since Ancient Roman times, and the three models look right at home posing next the statues’ marble curves.

The brand prides itself for its honest representations of women, and the company explained that ‘modern portrayals of women have never been more unrealistic,’ especially in comparison to classic works of art.

‘Where once curves, imperfections and realism were celebrated, many representations of women now seek unrealistic and potentially damaging ideals,’ the company said in a press release.

Unlike many advertisements found in today’s media, the campaign is meant to honor the female form rather than depict unobtainable body shames, homogenised ethnicities and cultural backgrounds, and images that  have been heavily edited and retouched.

In one photo, 30-year-old lingerie manufacturer china Naomi can be seen perched on a work stool in a black lace bra and matching highwaisted underwear.