Big chest girls most troubled is the summer time, because the summer clothes are thin, if the color is relatively shallow, then it will become more embarrassing.

This time we need some of the more special underwear, you can make the chest from the visual effect of the above look relatively small. That way, then wear clothes is not so embarrassing, you can easily spend this summer.

Ultra-thin style, wear on the body feel very comfortable, as if they can not feel the existence. Highly breathable, you can do moisture perspiration, always keep the back of the dry, then do not worry about the issue of sweating in the summer. Breathable cotton lining, feels soft and comfortable, wear soft skin on the body.

Three-dimensional cup, pull down the care, you can mention the role of anti-sagging. Can effectively receive your deputy milk, to create three-dimensional chest. U-type beauty of the back design, do not need to worry about the shoulder slipped down the problem. Lace of the shape, dynamic and charming. Purple tones, inexplicable with a mystery.

This underwear looks more girl, with red and white as the main color, above a lot of red flowers, looks very dynamic. The shoulder part of the cup there is the top of the design of the lace, adding a little sexy. The most important thing is very light and comfortable to wear.

Simple and stylish design, there is no extra pattern above, more suitable for people like simple style. Almond color, plus there are black tones, have reduced the embarrassment of dressing. Back with a high-quality high-elastic mesh fabric, not only cool and breathable, and wearing a very good feeling, do not want to take off.