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Bridal underwear can be divided into two categories: the clothes you wear under the wedding day, and the things you change afterwards.
Lyn Lewis, CEO of Journelle, explained: “Brides either want to wear clothes or look for gorgeous suits for honeymoons and later.” A small amount of cooked food before the celebration begins – silk robes, cosmetics, sneakers, etc. – Also belongs to this category. However, the way you buy these products may be completely different: “As dresses become less structured, the things that are worn below are often nude, very simple, and shaped,” said Bluebella founder Emily Bendell, the difference. The works from “beautiful, ivory and lace” have changed somewhat. “I told the brides to separate their dream wedding dresses from the wedding dress they dreamed of,” she added, because usually “one person does not wear another person”.
“Bride underwear customers are usually very traditional – people really want romance and softness,” Helena Stuart of Only Hearts told Glamour. In purchasing these special pieces, she used the same philosophy as everyday underwear: “comfort first”. Also, if you want bridal underwear, she recommends buying clothes for a few days, which is a very clever reason – “Most brides only consider their wedding night, but newlyweds are often too uncomfortable to enjoy.”
This particular type of underwear is not an underwear that is necessarily affected by the trend. According to Stewart, it is “still very classic and traditional” – nevertheless, you will see designers using contours and fabrics. “What I enjoy now is the interest in simple shapes, cut out of quality materials,” she added. But Sandra Rose, head of merchandising, planning and product development at Journelle, believes that this is part of its speciality. “The reason why wedding underwear is so interesting is that it is not always influenced by the wider trend of the underwear industry. It is all about finding the special features of the bride; letting her feel the most beautiful things on special days. ”
There are some innovations in the design of the bride’s underwear: Lewis thinks it is “more and more modern – we used to see feminine tailoring and tailoring, and there are many options for this type of choice, [but] there are now underwear brides white, Modern or more whimsical.”
Customers are also looking for alternatives. “I think people are getting rid of the traditional silk style [and] looking for something newer and more modern for modern women today,” Else’s Ela Onour pointed out. “The fabric is lighter, more comfortable, and the style enhances the natural shape, not the filling and heavy.” As an example, she highlights the rise of the traditional strapless bra and the rise of tights. For those who want to deviate from the textbook concept of the bride’s underwear, the latter is especially a good choice, and can wear what you can wear in all kinds of situations – Leveni Zak of ThirdLove suggests “wearing it with a skirt Rehearsal “dinner” or “package” for honeymoon, “because it is” and other underwear and layers. ”
When you buy these special pieces, it may not be a bad idea to think about going beyond your wedding itinerary – in fact, Bendell encourages the brides to think beyond the ritual and honeymoon because “If you think you are beautiful underwear, choose one What you can wear again – [something] romantic and beautiful, not only will scream ‘bride’.”
If you are also looking for particularly cool bridal lingerie, but it is not too precious, check out the gallery selection in front of us.

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