A walk on the banks of the Seine, a walk under the shadows of the Champs Elysees. The Frenchman’s romance is actually showing their pursuit of exquisite, elegant, comfortable life, for romantic desire.

On the French underwear romantic, so that you have seen after the heart of the desire to live.

Perhaps you choose the angle of underwear is also placed in the deep V gather, no trace of skin care these dresses comfortable kinetic energy above, but comfort is important, but who do not want to see the exposed shoulder strap exposed shoulder strap, sports underwear flattened chest Type of embarrassing scene when it? However, the pursuit of the law for the underwear is not just so simple and comfortable, more attention is the underwear and different occasions, different styles with.

A set of French underwear can make their full range of beautiful and sexy, so the overall dress style is to some sexy, or some leisure sports, in the selection of underwear should be taken into account.

If you want to go sexy style today, then absolutely can not let the lace this element. Etam, the French tradition, the iconic lace of the unique sense of design by the designer hand-painted! And their home suit style up to 15 species, and 13 colors available for seasonal and fashion trends with the choice.

And for women to bring self-confidence huit, bold and bright fashion color, so huit more unique taste. Delicate pattern embellishment, outline the natural chest lines and show sexy.

Blind pursuit of the appearance of bright and beautiful, but ignored the “grandmother” style underwear, which really okay? Or how to seize the right to choose the right French underwear it!

1. soft cup of silk

French romantic feelings do not have too many exaggerated elements, like a blooming open small daisies. Very simple style of silk underwear can be a good interpretation of this romantic romance, silk texture gives a unique sense of a smooth feeling, still do not live in the heart of a desperate desire. And silk texture of the minimalist wind underwear, you can also wear on a jacket, romantic with a handsome taste.

2.Sexy lace

Underwear, of course, is not open with the sexy, and how sexy will be less lace it! Lace, but with the ultimate sense of the elements of the temptation, of course, is the French women’s favorite. Clear tulle, extremely charm, which is not the heart of the truth!

The choice of lace must be assured of the material, like silk, satin this can make you feel comfortable and comfortable.

3. No trace of the girls cup

If you do not want too sexy, you can choose a thin cup with a girl’s feelings. Youth age, which is the trend of popular clothing in recent years.

One piece of trace-free breathable deep v sexy comfortable young lady gather bra underwear to adjust the type of auxiliary breast bra

There is a bow on the chest highlights the sweet temperament, with a simple and clear line of fresh and beautiful decoration, the side of the way with lace stitching, with a romantic girl’s taste.