In the past year, religious reforms have steadily expanded into a new set of categories – we talk about swimming, children’s wear, small clothes and even baby clothes. In addition to underwear, the favorite of sustainability comes from every corner of the wardrobe. Although bras and underwear have become popular favorites of several of Reformation’s contemporaries (such as Everlane and Madewell), the Los Angeles-based retailer has only officially entered the lingerie market until now.

On Monday, Reformation launched its first official lingerie collection, limited edition bra, bra and underwear. The product line is made from a variety of sustainable fabrics, including transparent velvet, recycled lace and eco-mesh. Prices range from $12 to $45, ranging in size from the bottom S-L to the bra’s XS-L. (It’s worth noting that this is not as inclusive as other contemporaries, namely Rihanna and Aerie’s Savage Fenty, whose mission is to cater to women’s curves as much as possible.)

“In today’s culture, our self-worth is often based on appearance, and underwear movements tend to focus only on our bodies,” Reformation said in a press release. “Although it’s hard to say how to show underwear without semi-nakedness, today we also want to hone other qualities. As you know, brain and achievement.”

In addition to abandoning the official campaign image, the Reformation Association also selected four “real” women to imitate the goods: Daisy, a postdoctoral fellow at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School; Rachel, founder of Swipe Out Hunger And CEO; JoAnna, a plastics and reconstruction surgeon in Los Angeles; and Jamie, an entertainment lawyer specializing in music and fashion law. You can see their full image and complete image on